47 Things

Ever notice in poly you get to feel 47 things at once? 


I just got back from a wonderful vacation with Traveler.  It was relaxing and fun and beautiful.  I walked through the door and started unpacking and planning to walk down the street fair by my house.  Traveler and I plan to play WoW and maybe have a bite later and walking around sounds like a fun way to stretch my driving muscles.  Quinky Girl is outta town until tomorrow, and we got back a day earlier than her.  Poor man, Traveler has some more work stuff to do, but we’ll see how it goes and at least play WoW later.  I love it.  I love that even after all that time together we still want to see each other.  It makes me feel so fucking loved.  

So, checking in with everyone I have a brief chat with Cleveland and learn that he’s going to have bagels with his wife in the morning and can’t come have breakfast with me on his way out of town.  He can however pop by for a quick hug and kiss before his 2 week trip away.  He said he could do sexy stuff too if I like, and the only response I could muster was “heh”.  A week apart with no cell connectivity and almost no contact and seeing him before 2 more weeks apart also likely with little to no cell or other contact, and the plan had to change.  <facepalm>  I’m just not ready to feel or deal with that one.  I just want to enjoy my trip just a little bit longer, so I’m tabling my reaction to that.  And what good would it do anyway?  

Back to the good stuff.

Back to feeling wonderful.  Back to feeling relaxed and happy and loved.  Back to talk of the future and talk about the little scary things, and talk about everything else.  Back to the sweet time together.  Back to 800 miles of companionship and delicious dinners on the patio.  Back to sleeping wrapped like spider monkeys most of the time.  Back to kisses and hugs and snuggles and affection and passionate expressions that leave me breathless.  One situation in life will NEVER replace the other here in matters of the heart, but just for tonight, just for now, I’m going to concentrate on the good stuff in my life and maybe table the things that hurt.  Right this moment, right here and now, I’m deciding to feel just some of my 47 things.  I just want to keep feeling happy.  

sun rise

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