Anticipa… … tion.

The first kiss.  Delicious.

first kissI’m excited and looking forward to seeing the new guy again.  We’ve had only the one date, and oodles and oodles of conversation about all sorts of things that has left me, well, on a simmer.  I joked with him that I wasn’t sure I liked him and I need to kiss him again, for science.  I joked about a kink checklist and it turned into an actual talk.  It was a bit of a negotiation, and yeah, nerd that I am I coughed up a checklist I’d gotten a long long time ago and not yet used.  It was a kink checklist.  It’s not totally comprehensive, because how could anything be that wasn’t a freaking novel.  I mean there are kinks for EVERYTHING.  But it’s pretty good. 

So we filled them out and exchanged them and talked about things that interest us.  We have some lovely overlapping interests.  God I love it when a plan comes together.

first kiss3So my current plan has been to hold off a teeny bit before the naughty sexy bits, so we can get to know each other a little before sex complicates the picture.  Too late.  I want to jump him so fucking badly.  I keep telling him I am promising nothing on our next date (not because he’s pushing.. just to be clear).  And I really am not promising anything.  But I’m not sure he’s the one I need to worry about.  I am pretty sure I’m the weakest link.

I have to admit I love it when I’m like this.  I love the thrill and anticipation of a new potential lover.  I love how many times a day I think naughty naughty stuff about them.  I love how much it sparks my already purring engine.  I love the wriggling in my office chair and the little fantasies I have about what might be there or what might happen.  I love not knowing.  This is so much fun. 

first kiss 4One of the many many gifts of open relationships is the potential for this newness and this giddy glee.  First kisses!  Oh how I love first kisses, especially with that spark of chemistry.  Discovering each others bodies and minds and desires, and exploring!  Finding new ways to connect or to be passionate.  When I was monogamously married I thought my days of firsts were done.  What a sweet gift firsts are to have again!  Booya.

first kiss2


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