Pop Goes the Weasel

Sometimes people chat on OKC for a while and then sort of drop off.  It happens.  Let’s call them Bonnie and Clyde.  Clyde messages Bonnie.  He says something other than “hi there” or “hey sexy.  wanna chat?”.  Maybe he says a nice sentence or two or a paragraph that shows he actually meant that message for her rather than cut and pasted it.  Great.  They exchange witty banter and for whatever reason it fizzles out.  No biggie.  Then 3 and a half months later he pops up “Hey there Bonnie.  What are you up to?”.  He hasn’t been out of the country.  He didn’t have malaria.  He just faded off and now popped back 3 months later.  Weasel!  There is a reason I say this.  Hold on.

Nathan Ota- Weasel

Nathan Ota- Weasel

Clyde is a weasel popping up after all this time because here is what basically happened.  Clyde was talking to Bonnie and something better or more interesting came along.  He just stopped talked to Bonnie.  No biggie.  People are looking for good dating prospects and we all pursue the things we are most interested in or seem like the best fit.  He’s not a weasel for that.  He’s a weasel because after the thing he trotted off chasing chased something else he went back through his discard pile in his message box.  Then he popped up in Bonnie’s letterbox like nothing ever happened and like he didn’t lose interest in the first place.  

Um.  No thanks.

I personally hate the pop goes the weasel game.  I am a fan of clear and reciprocated interest.  I like the give and take.  I like the little “will we” and “won’t we” dance.  I do not like the “I am a discarded 7th choice and I should now come and meet you and kiss you and get to know you because I’ll do in a pinch” thing.  Weasel.

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  1. The issue I found with okcupid is that woman don’t respond. You can be polite and try to saying something non generic but they just don’t talk. I have one right now in open relationship but trying to get her to talk more than two minute is like pulling teeth. Is it something that leaves a woman with a bad taste in their mouth when guys do the bad pick up lines and turns woman off from Engaging in chat?


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