At the End of the Week

It’s Friday and I’m signing out of my work computer after a pretty epic week of bureaucracy and meetings and creating templates and planning meetings and meetings about meetings and even one incident where I yelled at a Veteran in a therapy group.  Yeah.  It was that sort of week. 

I need kisses..

I need hugs.

I need a drink the size of my head.

west seattle view

I’m off to Traveler and Quinky Girl’s house.  It was the kind of week where we really need to sit with Quinky Girl before our date, with our feet up and her delicious libations in hand, watching the clouds and the breeze and sipping with their music playing behind us and the sun on the water out below.  I need my loves.  I need to slowly unwind the coiled spring in my jaw and to sigh with happiness with my loves. 

Later I’ll spend time with Traveler, catching up since he’s been away this week, getting my fill of pettings and kisses and sweet nothings.  Later still I’ll get my fill of him, but right now.. right now I have to get off of this fucking computer and away from this wretched desk and this exhausting week and drink yummy things with my loves.  Ahhhhhhh.. it’s the weekend.

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