Hello There

When someone goes and reads through all the old blog posts I can see it and I get an alert that my stats are going crazy. I can tell the difference when it’s a machine mapping me and when it is someone reading and/or listening to all the old podcasts.  I love that.  

I always wonder if it’s someone I know reading back on things or someone new, maybe someone that relates to something about all of this.  I always hope it isn’t someone new to poly looking for reassurance, because I’m afraid the history here doesn’t look so good.  I suppose it does if they keep reading.  

I often write with no thought to who might be reading, purposely not thinking about those who read it because that kinda paralyses me sometimes.  Other times I write with someone in mind.. a letter to them I never send.. my heart aching for my lover or giddy remembering some thing.  

Right after one of these, seeing someone reading dozens of blogs I always wish I could write to YOU.  I always wonder what brings you here or why you come back or stay.  I wonder if you relate, if there are others out there with thoughts like these.  Every once in a great while one of those readers emails me or comments on a little thing here or there, and it’s a reward each time.  If I never hear from you, if whatever it is you are here for wouldn’t jibe with contacting me, I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope it helped or entertained or made you feel or whatever.  Thank you for reading, new or old reader.  Thank the rest of you for reading too.  I can’t tell you what it means to have a place to put all of this stuff where there is occasionally community or at the very least stats that say someone saw this.. usually a lot of you saw this. I watch my stats like a hawk and I am rewarded when the numbers go up or I see one that maybe clicked a bit.  I celebrate each milestone of readers and thrill to see the posts that are most clicked on or visited.  I just wanted to say I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re there and I wanted to say welcome and thanks.  


  1. Reasons I read:
    A) you’re in Seattle, so I feel a connection already
    B) poly. You don’t seem cray cray, and are able to put your experience out there in an accessible way. Sure it’s not always a Disney fairytale, but that’s life, right?
    C) you seem self aware and I like that type of writing.
    D) you have a diagram of all the ‘characters’, which might be outdated, but is a really helpful visual for poly newbs like me to see how different people are connected
    E) you have nice hair


    • Aww.. hey there Seattlite! Thank you for the sweet words. 🙂

      The Murder and the listed cast of characters is up to date. The thing that wasn’t and that isn’t on there right now is the diagram with everyone that was mentioned in the blog (friends, lovers, exes mine and others). The statement about that missing diagram is still there though.. whoops! I keep meaning to post the updated diagram of everyone talked about. Mrs. Fever mentioned that I listed all the characters ever, but the murder diagram didn’t have most of those people on there. I’ll get on it eventually. 🙂

      And awwwww.. compliments! Thank you. 🙂 🙂


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