Stress Relief

Skip this one if talk of me having sex with one of my loves would bother you.  😉  *muah*

A couple canoodles romantically on a bench overlooking the golfcourse

A couple canoodles romantically on a bench overlooking the golf course

You know what really gets rid of stress? 

  1. deep rich kisses you can’t get enough of
  2. Hot hot steamy sex.
  3. The kinda sex where it’s so good you purposely tease yourself because you wanna make it last and ride it out and just can’t quit yet.. and you go so close so many times he takes over, fucking you so hard you shake and flood and you’re deliciously sore the next day
  4. a delicious whiskey cocktail
  5. Intense, connected, sharing-breath, passionate, loving, grinding, aching, yearning, begging, panting, shaking deliciousness together
  6. being held and holding your lover for hours, petting each other and loving the wealth of touch
  7. dinner you didn’t have to cook
  8. his beautiful body.. everything to do with it.  The sight, the feel, the taste.  His warm skin.  His scent.  The sweet delicious taste of him.
  9. sleeping curled together, feeling so safe and so loved
  10. petting him until you both fall asleep because touching him is like GETTING a massage
  11. his sweet words.  god.  the things he says!
  12. pampering him a little
  13. having him pamper you too
  14. laughing together and hitting golf balls
  15. having him teach you yet another thing
  16. talking about things you’ll do in the future together in passing, because to your love it’s a fact you’ll be there.
  17. telling your love all about your terrible work week and seeing that you are being listened to.  They aren’t on their phone or distracted or doing anything but listening to you because they are interested in you
  18. eating dinner and having a good laugh with people you love

Thank god for great dates and great loves.

I’m off now to dinner and a lovely cocktail again.  Also so stress relieving. 

Let’s not be greedy and expect all..

18 things

all the time dears. 😉

a golf couple walk off into the sunset in sillouette

a golf couple walk off into the sunset in sillouette


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