The Missing Piece

Traveler and Quinky Girl are off to spend the better part of the week with Traveler’s family.  Ugh.  I miss them already.  One of the shitty things about loving both of them is that it sucks a little when they are away.. but it’s all good stuff.  They need time with their families and with each other sometimes, and it makes them both happier and healthier to take the time, so I don’t begrudge it.  I will miss the FUCK out of them, and I may pout a little back here, but I hope they’ll have a great time and good experiences.  I wish the world was a little different and I could meet Traveler’s parents, and I may get to meet them one day as “the friend” of Traveler and Quinky Girl, but I doubt he’ll ever come out to them.  It is what it is and it rarely affects my life.  

It seems like it’s just that time of year again.  Jonah is in his last week of 3 weeks away, and at least I’ll get a date with Traveler and maybe time with Quinky Girl when they come back and before I have to go away for a week for work.  I’m getting excited about seeing old friends and about learning this new treatment, and it’s cool that my work trip will be where I used to live a few years back.  

So, here we go with everyone traveling again.  I’ll try to make use of the time and spend time with friends and maybe do a little writing or painting.  I’ll try not to mope more than totally necessary.  Part of loving people is loving the things that make them happy as much as possible.  Working on that one.

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