OMG.. so happy!

Good metamour relationship benefit #594. 

A woman triumphant in the rain on a stage from

A woman triumphant in the rain on a stage from

I had a date booked with Traveler for Saturday, a nice long one because he’s been outta town all week and I’ll be outta town all next week. Awesome.  Quinky Girl and Jonah planned a great date to celebrate their reunion after 3 weeks apart.  Also awesome.  But oops.. it’s on Friday.

This is not a huge thing, and schedules don’t align every once in a while, but it’s a lot easier now that our calendars sync. I didn’t have anything on Friday, and figured Traveler and I would just switch.  Quinky Girl popped up online today from where they are in California and asked if I was busy Friday night, saying she might send me some Traveler so she can have the house.  Quinky offered to have Traveler and I not move our date to Friday and for he and I just to have both nights (wow.. so fucking sweet) and I said of course that wouldn’t be necessary.  They need their time together too and I wasn’t busy Friday.  She pointed out they’d have the week together while I was gone and I told her that was awesome, but I didn’t need to be greedy.  Weekend dates are the best and she needs our man as much as I do.  I said instead, how about he and I just have a very leisurely morning together Saturday before I send him home and we all have maybe a football lunch on Sunday?  This way everyone would get lots of good time and I’d see him before I left Monday.  Excellent.

I told her I’d talk about it with him and sent him a message.  I told him what Quinky Girl and I had talked about, and asked what he thought about having our date Friday with a nice leisurely morning together and then some football and lunch on Sunday.  He said that sounded great.  The two of them got to talking there in Cali and didn’t answer the messengers for a minute, figuring things out, and he came back and asked if he could have Friday and Saturday.  I told him what I’d told her, and that I loved him and of course I always love time with him, but I didn’t need to be all greedy and the breakfast and football would be fine for great extra time.  He said he’d just talked it over and decided with Quinky Girl and could he have both nights?  Can you believe that?!?  He said they’d have the whole week together while I was gone and he was mine for both nights if I’d have him.

Traveller on Friday AND Saturday!?!?  Yes please! 

Isn’t she the fucking shit?  I won the metamour lottery for sure.  God.  I told her I wanted to eat her pussy for being as cool as she is.  And then I sent a message saying I meant that to be funny and not rapey.  Of course she’s hot and I’d be ecstatic to fuck her in the right circumstances, but one mustn’t sexually harass one’s metamour, especially when they’re being so fucking sweet and generous.

OMG.  I’m so happy!

What a great way to start my day and what a wonderful thing to think about all day as I’m busilly preparing to go away for a week.  A FRIDAY AND A SATURDAY with Traveler!  I’m beside myself with glee.  AND I get to see Cleveland tonight!  My cup runneth over and my furniture floats.



  1. I love having two nights in a row with a partner I don’t live with. It gives a person plenty of time to plan more non rushed elaborate naughtiness!

    Is it good you had to be talked into believing you’re worth spending a big chunk of time with just like you’re a real serious partner? Just throwing that out there, I recall your posts about maybe someday moving to a more equal place in his life, so working towards that means you shouldn’t consider it greedy to get the two nights in a row just like you wouldn’t think it was greedy if QG spent a couple nights with him after you had been on a trip with him.

    Also, I love that wonderful feeling of really seeing your partner wants to make time to be with you. Oh no, you’re important!!! And awesome metamours are awesome. I hope you two have an amazing weekend.


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