What I Want

I’m enjoying it here at my work training in Virginia.. and it’s a good thing and I am meeting nice people at the training.  Having said all that.. I’m tired, and off and my digestive system is upset and I am sore.  I want my bed, and my people.  I want a nice glass of wine.  I want a hug.  

I talked to Cleveland tonight and played a tiny bit of WoW with Traveler.  My sweet loves told me really warmly how they loved me and gave me a little bit of their time.  So needed.

There is a serial killer here, and when I asked Traveler if the killer burned me too, (as he has 2 people this week) would Traveler come get some of my ashes and put them in a body of water.. (my wish for my remains). He promised he would and called me a pet name, humoring me.  

Cleveland might not be gone the entire weekend I get back too.. god I miss him.

I need a hug.  I need a kiss.  I need mushy sweet words.. just a few.  I’m gonna go try to fall asleep.  

Send me some hugs.  Please.  😦


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