Traveler and I Celebrate

Traveler and I have been together two years, as of Saturday.  🙂

image on Beyonce arched upon the sand from

image on Beyonce arched upon the sand from

I can’t believe another year has gone by.  We’re actually celebrating next week with a little “stay-cation” extended weekend, but yesterday was the actual day, and we celebrated in our little style.  Heh.  We cleaned gutters.  Relax.. that’s not all.. but hear me a bit on this.

Cleaning gutters with Traveler is fun.  Sure, it’s messy and a little tedious, but how great is it to be with someone that you HAVE FUN with while cleaning gutters?  We found out his cats have been pooping on the roof and were flinging it off of there and STILLLL had a good time.  In fact it was kinda hilarious.  There were many poop jokes.  It was a really shitty job.  Heh.

So after our adventures in roof and gutter cleaning we got dolled up a bit and went to one of the nicest dinners I’ve had in a while.  I was excited to be going out with Traveler.  It was this little tapas joint on a beach nearby and we splurged on a very lovely bottle of wine, a bunch of tiny delicious plates, and just had the nicest and most relaxing time.  I was feeling especially mushy, looking at his sweet face beaming with love there at the table and just told him emphatically, gushing with joy and feeling, “I’m so happy”.  I said so many things with that little statement.  We’d been talking about the kinda state of our union, and we were grinning like idiots, touching, laughing, making yummy noises.  Everything was so good… the food, the delicious wine… the rich fantastic coffee pressed at our table, the homemade baklava… the conversation.  Decadent.  His smile.  His laugh.  His sweet face and warm eyes.  Lovely. *Deep breath*

We kissed on the street and in the car.. passionate.  Warm.  Loving.  Hot.  I wanted him closer.. closer.. inside my body, no skin between us.

Beyonce falling back on the bed from hotel

Beyonce falling back on the bed from hotel

We came home still kissing and got heated in the kitchen while grabbing glasses of water.  He liked my silky shirt.  I turned around to return his kisses and forgot to fill the second glass.  So drunk in love.  He makes me weak with his kisses and the way he touches me, touching him, lost in him.  God.  *Deep breath*

I hurried up and filled the second glass, catching my breath for a tick.  Some music was hastily selected and we were quickly naked or mostly so.  Drunk, drunk, so drunk in love.  Writhing.  Panting.  Pleading.  Gripping.  Oh God.  *Deep breath*

“I’m crazy about you.  I love you so much.. so much”.  We slept warm and sweet and snuggled.  So peaceful.  So fulfilling. We never tire of touch. *Deep breath*

We woke up and decided to see if Quinky Girl was hungry and would have breakfast with us and headed to his place with breakfast fixings and got to spend time with Quinky Girl until she had to go to work today.  We tried to lure her not to work, and she was sick and likely would have preferred time on the couch with us and the kitties, but she’s in charge and needed, so we kissed and hugged her goodbye.  We watched football and finished the gutters.  We snuggled.  We kissed.  We cheered.  We played World of Warcraft.

You might think this odd.. but it was the most romantic and sweet and loving little celebration of another year together I could dream of.  I feel so blessed and I’m stoked for next weekend’s stay-cation.  Quinky Girl will be spending the weekend camping with Jonah and Traveler and I are taking advantage of the time and saving a little money by planning fun stuff here in Seattle.  I made a list of fun stuff happening that weekend and we’ll see what we hit.  There’s a naughty school-girl dress up party, a burlesque, a pinball museum, my other favorite tapas place, some great hike ideas and a few other fun things we might pick.  I’m excited and I can’t wait.  But I have to admit I already feel like we had a wonderful celebration.  This weekend was so “us”.  It was relaxing and fun and sexy and wonderful.  This love.. god.. this love… so drunk in love.

*Deep breath*


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