Dear-Bawdy God -YES

Today started out fine and turned into a bit of a cluster-fuck and let’s just say I’m super stoked it’s Friday and when I finish work I am out of here.  Yes.  I should be working at this moment, but I’m taking a second to say that I’m excited it’s the weekend because this proclimation will help me finish this God Forsaken Day.

Nothing actually super bad happened.  Just bureaucracy.  But yeah.  I wanna poke people’s eyes out anyway.  It’s like the Three Stooges.  But meaner.

Three Stooges eyejob from

Three Stooges eyejob from

Tonight I will decompress with my lovely Quinky Girl.  We’re having delicious eats and libations before heading off to join Jonah and Traveler and hear some funny, sexy, thrilling, interesting BAWDY STORIES!  It’s at a local place called Rebar, and we have free tickets.  Thank you Dixie!

I need me some Quinky time.  I need me some lovely dranks.  I need me some bawdy sexy storytelling fun.  I need some Traveler kisses and Jonah smiles.  Ah.  It’s the weekend!  (soon)

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