Just Let Me Be a Girl For a Minute

You know when you meet someone and you have that talk that really excites you?  I am not talking about the talk about all the sexy things that makes you both so aroused, although that is there and totally rocks too.  I’m talking about the talk where you walk away thinking “Wow.  I really like them.  That was pretty damn amazing”.  You know the talk where you end the call or Skype or whatever and realize you’d talked for 2 hours and it felt like 10 minutes?  It’s the talk where you find yourself just nodding so much and so many of the things you talk about dovetail.

I had one of those.  😀

dog smile

I’m not getting ahead of myself here, mind you.  I’m not reading into anything or assuming anything or rushing anything or thinking anything means anything.  I don’t know this man and have never met him.  I’m only saying here that I’m really excited to do so.  I’m enjoying the rush of having had a conversation with someone and thinking to myself “wow.  This dude could be amazing”.  I don’t know if he is wonderful.  I’m just excited that there is a potential.

I meet cool people from time to time.  I love people and I love meeting people, and I generally get along with most people.  But it is rare that I have one of those tangential conversations about tiny and important things and just dive in and talk, and hours later feel smiley.  I was having a great night at trivia with my friends and I kept flashing back to things he said and smiling.  I caught myself smiling something like 5 times and felt the urge to message him.  So I did.  I told him I’d really enjoyed talking to him and I felt smiley.  He sent back that he’d enjoyed it too and was looking forward to talking more.  It had smileys.  *grin*

I’ve been talking to this guy for a little while and we haven’t met, mostly because I have a broken foot.  At first it was really hard for me to get around.  We’ve exchanged a good little bit of sexy flirtiness and a few pics.  I find him sexy and funny.  And he has some VERY interesting sexual interests that mesh quite spectacularly with some of my interests.  I think there is some seriously hot sexual chemistry there, at least mentally and hopefully physically.  I feel a little okay saying that because of his comments about the chemistry too.  And awesomely, some of his interests that mesh so well with mine are totally new to me.  It’s a delicious possibility.

I’m aware here.. don’t worry.  Chemistry is a fickle thing.  I’m cautiously optimistic though.  He’s really really cute.  And he’s funny.  So yeah.. I’m a little hopeful.  Maybe for some reason he won’t like a slightly curvy gal.  Maybe he doesn’t realize how short I am.  Maybe in person he’ll be dickish.  You never know.  We’ve exchanged pictures, and while I realize I am not a fashion plate and I have a belly, I also realize that I’m sexy and I have a lot to offer.  It’s just that not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea.  So.. I’m hopeful but cautious.

dog smile 2I knew I liked chatting with him online and found him witty and fun to talk to a little, but our online chats have been really spotty.  He disappears a lot, sometimes just never answering a message.  Honestly, at first, if he hadn’t had such interesting sexual interest I would have bailed.  I don’t like chasing people and tend to lose interest if people are cagey.  I like and respond to clear and present interest.  But something about the chemistry made me hang in a bit.  It’s just a thing.  I DO NOT chase.  Generally, chasing makes me feel a little off.  And life is too short for anything short of an enthusiastic yes.  I don’t expect to be number one (although occasionally that WOULD be nice here and there) but I won’t be anyone’s back-up gal or security blanket.  I don’t want to come off odd saying it, but I’m too good for that.  I bring a LOT to the table and I know it.  I don’t mean this in an egotistical way.  I’m not saying I’m better than everyone and I’m aware a lot of women bring a lot to the table.  I’m just saying I do too.

So.. I’m cautious that he may or may not be a very good communicator and it may just be a victim of mostly messaging so far.  Lots of people aren’t super awesome electronic media communicators. I did at a point or two have to ask him if he was married and cheating or had a bunch of other irons in the fire or something though.  He just disappears.  It kinda comes off like maybe he’s chatting with a zillion people and doesn’t have the bandwidth to do it well, or like maybe he is not that into me.  He kept showing and stating interest though, and that’s not my gut feeling here.  He apologized for being sorta flaky about communication, which was appreciated.  And his explanation made sense.  It happens.  I don’t have time to text all day everyday either.  I recognize however that good communication is one of my needs.  So, yeah…we’ll see.  I can’t honestly draw any conclusions about that at this point.  It would suck to finally meet and have the sex be as amazing as I think it could be with this chemistry, and then to have him periodically disappear mid-conversation all the time.  I know myself enough to know it tweaks my insecurities.  I don’t need to talk daily and dating me leaves lots of time free.  But dropping things like a hot potato sucks. We’ll see.  It’s a good thing to be aware of.

I see reasons for caution here, but  I’d be careful anyway.  I’m just not a jump-in willy-nilly kinda gal.  I don’t get all crazy and wanna lock that down and imagine future weddings because I had a nice exchange or fuck or whatever with someone.

BUT.. having said all that mature adult disclaimer stuff.. I just wanna enjoy this for a minute so let me be a girly girl here.

I am excited to meet someone that is so damn interesting.  He’s cute and funny and intelligent, and he seems like a really decent human so far.  He’s friends with all of his ex-girlfriends.  Doesn’t that totally rock?  He has a cute dog and seems to be a good dog owner.  He smart.  He has cool interests and a very lovely cock.  He has a dirty dirty dirty mind and some VERY interesting sexual likes.  And talking to him was really fun.  It’s just a little thing, but I’m smiley.  I like this.  It’s fun to have a neat possibility.  We could have so much fun, maybe.  We’ll see.. oh we’ll see.  But just right now, just this minute, I’m going to enjoy this.

I met a really cute guy and had a great conversation that left me smiley.  Yay!!!!  *tiny squee*


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