This one has a lot of talk about piercings and a fantasy with one of my loves, so skip this one if you like.  😉

leather cuffs, can be bought from amazon.

leather cuffs, can be bought from amazon.

(Amazon Link to Leather Blindfold) <- click here.

(Amazon Link to Leather Cuffs) <- click here.

So Traveler and I fished the same girl.  It was bound to happen, but we both started talking to her on the same day (yesterday) and about many of the same things, sharing very similar interests.  And holy fuck. I’m getting my piercings as soon as I get back from my weekend away.  I don’t care and I can’t wait.

I told this girl, Threes we’ll call her, about the piercings I wanted and we got all worked up talking about it because she’d found me via my answers about piercing questions.  She shares my interest.  And when I told her how I’d been planning for MONTHs to get them this month and that I was totally crestfallen to put them off because of surgery in a few months she said “why don’t you just do it and get nylon piercings to hold the holes while you do surgery?  Eureka.

I’m getting them ASAP.  I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!  All those months of planning and dreaming and thinking about them and all the porn and pictures and imaginings.  Growl.  Yes!

And oh god I have a fantasy.

It’s graphic.  You were warned.  Do not read this is fantasies about me and my loves would be at all upsetting. 

leather blindfold

leather blindfold

We went to Hump! tonight and all the talk in the car and the getting carried away on the way home… Oh man.  Let’s just say I’m feeling insatiable.

I want to cuff him.  I want to take him and Threes to a hotel room. Why?  Just because.  A slightly swanky hotel room it is. I want to make out and have hands and mouths and breath roaming while we undress each other.  I love that.  I love the mess of everyone and everything.  I’d like at one point, when we’re down to pettable and lacy things to push him on to the bed to watch a little.  And I’d like to be behind her, on my knees on the edge of the bed with her pulled back and sitting on my leg, facing him and I’m running my hands on her body, making her blush with fever and blood, taking her breath a little.  And I would slowly reveal her to him a little at a time while he pets the front on her legs and mine between hers, the bend knee that I’m sitting on.  I’d take my time touching and kissing her as he petted her leg, showing him finally the glint of the silver in her nipples and finally, finally, her smooth pussy with its rings to entice.  I imagine he could not resist and he’d barely blink as he reached for them.  And we’d move a little forward, back to him, and kiss more, back and forth, him and her and me and her and me and him, touching, grabbing, teasing and cajoling, nibbling and taking in reactions.  And when we were good and worked up, I’d like her and I to cuff him with my good solid leather cuffs, clamping them together behind his head and lying back on the bed.

And she’d trace her hands on his body, feed her beautiful tits to his eager lips, play with him with me.  And then we’d blindfold him.  I’d take his cock and work it with my mouth, making him ache, filling and flushing him further.  I’d get lost here and there in her too, her mouth, her skin, her fingers, touching me, touching him.  I’d make her wet and lick my fingers clean.  And he’d be either feeling us on him or on each other in turns, the sounds of us getting worked up, pulling out my crop and my good flogger.  And I’d show her how to use it, touching him with it, caressing him, and then smacking him in these lovely little paces, a little harder.. a little harder.. to where he just pulled away with my slaps and then smacking him with slightly less force, to where he anticipated it and strained for it, pleasure/pain/pleasure/pain.  We would work him close, together and separately, but not push him over, so I could watch him respond to her touch, her ministrations.  We wouldn’t let him come yet.

While she sucked his cock and caressed his balls so beautifully I’d whisper in his ear how I was about to eat her pussy, to prepare her for my fist and that I wasn’t going to let him watch, that he’d have to feel her in how her mouth moved on his straining cock to know what was being done to her.  And I would.  I’d get behind her and raise her hips so I could taste her, slide my fingers again in her, hearing her moan on him, see him straining to rise up to her, made more eager with the sound and the passion.  And it would be fast, this wave of fever, everything feeding everything, and his blindfold making everything he felt and heard more intense.  And my fingers would work more in her, more, more again.  He’d hear me jangle her rings. I’d lube up my hand and make it slippery, and I’d work it into her pussy, her jagged breath and her sounds not muffled at all by his cock now.  I’d feel her clamping down on me, coming, flooding, and I’d know what that felt like for him.  I’d know he could feel her losing it and hear her flooding and moaning and coming.

8g captive bead ring

8g captive bead ring

And when I could work my hand out again I’d slow her just a little and tell her I wanted to watch her ride his cock if she wanted to.  And she’d be eager.  I’d know how good it would feel to ride him when her pussy was so swollen, my own pussy familiar with that joy.  And I wouldn’t care that normally he wouldn’t like it, I’d tell him that I couldn’t wait any longer and I needed to sit on his face and he’d want it, say “yes”.  I’d release his hands, but not his blindfold and I’d hover just over him till he rose to meet my pussy, eagerly sucking and devouring me as she rode him so good.  I’d bend to her, kissing her and work my hand to where his cock slid in and out, jangling her rings, my palm on her pussy, so she could grind against me and him and his cock would be even tighter in her sweet and swollen pussy.  It would drive me wild to feel her come, to feel how good he felt, how she felt, experience that joy at watching both of them.

And I’d come too then, lifting up to drench his chest and not drown him, shaking as she got close again and I could tell he was losing it.  I’d move so she could fall to him and they could kiss deeply and have that moment as he came, my taste, her mouth, his hands, her pussy, his cock, beautiful.  I’d love to watch him so lost in her and her so lost in him, part of it and apart for just this moment to savor it.  I’d linger until they reached for me, and I’d pull off his condom and gently suck him clean, liking the way it makes him jump.  I’d touch her and kiss her and sidle up to both of them, grinning and catching my breath, and petting them as they caught theirs.  Unbelievably hot.  Unbelievably hot.

It’s just a fantasy brought on of all this lusty talk and the movies this year at Hump!.  It’s just a fantasy and I just came again and again dreaming it and sharing it with him.  I love the perfection and heat of fantasies like this and even more the heat of sharing them.  I don’t ever expect anything and I would certainly never presume anything of dear Threes or of Traveler.  This is all just some of the sexy stuff in my head.  I love to dream.

And I’m drifting off to sleep now, him echoing in my head what I so need to hear:

“:) You are awesome. Just saying’ ;)”


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