So much has been going on.  I’ve been having outrageous fun and enjoying a few happy accidents.  And I finally pierced my pussy.

holiday piercingTraveler and Quinky Girl were not able to go to Traveler’s Family’s annual celebration.  That is very sad for them, as they love his family and he has NEVER missed a Christmas with them.  After a bit of commiseration though, we made something wonderful out of something sad.  And the something wonderful is the biggest most wonderful gift I got this season.  I had time with my loves!  Traveler and I enjoyed a holiday burlesque that was the most professional and beautiful burlesque either of us have seen.  Tremendous food and tremendous wine, and dancing and boobs and comedy and song. Wonderful!  It was insanely expensive, and cost way more than I’d planned.  But I’ll recover financially and he’s worth it.

And then Traveler and I and Quinky and Jonah and Jonah’s other partner and gussied up in medieval garb and hit a yule feast in Camden for Christmas Eve.  (funny, right?)  And on Christmas I spent the morning (after waking up excessively late) over a nice brunch opening presents before going to my dear old friend’s family Christmas.  Her family is terribly sweet, and welcomes me for the holidays.  I don’t have any family and am usually alone on the holidays, so this is INCREDIBLY appreciated and generous of them.  I didn’t stay super long because I’d hoped to help make the holidays nice with Traveler and Quinky Girl, who were missing their family, but even a little conversation and some hugs and the time with my friend lamenting her (nearly perfect) feast felt like home.  And then I had the juiciest, most flavorful, most tender and delicious tenderloin I’d ever tasted.

I loved that we ended up talking about real things around the table, eating wonderful food and talking about Quinky making a big decision.  It’s something when the people you love honor you by getting real about deep shit.

There has just been such good time.  I have to admit the holidays generally make me sad.  It’s hard to try to plan enough and to bolster myself during the holidays.  I’m lucky enough to have found my family, and it’s hard to be apart from them over the holidays.  But this year was wonderful.  Baking cookies with my loves and my kittens, running around ragged getting everything done, washing so many dishes with my days of cookie baking I have perma dish-pan-hands.  And I loved it.

And then today…

I finally realized a dream I’ve been planning for forever.  I got my beautiful labia rings.  There’s never a super great time to stab your pussy, and to wait for it to heal for almost a month for anything about about 3 months for tougher things.  Traveler helped me out and sent me off with a “till we meet again” passion, and then he came with me.

holiday belly buttonI went to Pierced Hearts Tattoo and Piercing and was pierced by the lovely Chuck, a woman recommended by Elayne Angel of the Piercing Bible herself.  Chuck is a consummate pro with just the best way about her.  I’m generally nervous of being naked in public when I’m not turned on anyway, and being there to stab my pussy 6 times.. well.. I was nervous.

But in about a minute on her table I was just relaxed.  I felt like she absolutely knew what she was doing, and like she was there to protect me or something.  I can’t explain it, but it rocks.  She was like that when she pierced my nipples too.  So she helped me pick out my jewelry and scaled back a little of my plan.  She told me she would only do four outer labia piercings at a shot because she finds that doing more than that at once makes them not heal as well and she’s had better results with four max.  I saluted to her experience and asked her to make four look good.  And she did.

They are beautiful!  I wish I could put a picture here, but I’m keeping it PG13 to avoid being censored.  They are 10g captive bead rings, four of them, symmetrically placed in my outer labia, and I’m telling you.. my pussy has never been this pretty.  Over a year of dreaming and planning and I didn’t know they’d look this pretty.  I LOVE THEM.

And they didn’t hurt that much.  It’s true when they say the anticipation is much worse than the piercing.  The first one was one bright second of pain and an exclamation.. a very loud exclamation.. and then it was done.  Whew.  I thought.. why can’t I do 6?!?!  This is nothing.  The second was about the same.  One bright second and then instantly it passed.  Her removing the needle and putting in the ring and setting the ball didn’t even hurt. This was no biggie.  The only actual difficult part was the embarrassment at my bellows.. but hey.. she was shoving a really fat needle in my pussy lips.  Maybe a bit of an exclamation is fine.  It made us all laugh.

The third and fourth helped me understand why we were only doing four.  The third stab hurt.  There was the bright shot of pain and then it didn’t entirely fade.  It lasted a minute.  It felt like a binder clip was on my lip.  Ouch.  Okay.  Maybe this wasn’t a total cake walk.  I had said I would have preferred my rings just be applied by magic.  Ugh.  The fourth one really hurt.  It was that same intense second of pain as the needle slid and then it just stayed burning and feeling like that binder clip for a good few seconds till mercifully it too faded.  And then she handed me the mirror.

They’re so beautiful!  The rings just suit my pussy so well.  They are such a great size, the thickness of them and the circumference of the rings, the gleamingly beautiful steel.  And they are placed just perfectly along my lips.  The four doesn’t look silly at all.  I don’t miss the other two.  I may not even go back to get them.

I have noticed this thing about modifying my body.  When I got my tattoo on my right arm, my arms that I never liked, the reason I never wear tank tops, faded.  My arms are beautiful.  When I pierced my breasts the beautiful steel and titanium spike ball ends made them so pretty.  And my pussy looks like it was always meant to have rings and like I’d only been missing my beautiful piercings.

When I think about the gifts of the season… my time with my family and my friends, and the joy of making mountains of cookies, and the gift to myself of those rings.. god.  I’m so blessed.  I’m so lucky.

My father and I had a tradition of getting for ourselves something we wanted and then calling each other and telling each other what we’d gotten.  “Oh wow!  How did you know I needed a chainsaw!  And you bought the very best one.  It has all of these features.  You are the best daughter!”.. and he’d tell me all about his chain saw.

“Oh Papason!  How did you know!  You got me the most beautiful labia rings.  They’re beautiful and silvery and smooth.  They compliment me so well.  Their little glint and gleam makes me feel pretty.  And I’m excited to explore the fun I’ll have with them later.  They’re really beautiful.  Thanks Dad!”.  Heh.

Okay.  Maybe not. I don’t know that we had a “discussing my vagina” sort of relationship when he was alive, but somehow I think it’d tickle him now.

Such gifts.  Such lovely lovely gifts.

holiday plug


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