Ouch! Beauty is Pain

lipstickToday was the second full day post genital piercings and um.. ouch.  The swelling and bruising is going down, but damn they are sensitive today.  I have this alien part of my brain that sometimes looks at stuff we humans do and thinks about it in wonder.

Women will sometimes go to great lengths to eat all organic and work out and avoid all of these things like BPA (which isn’t actually proven to be any kind of concern unless you boil things in plastic and then drink them) and then smear lots of chemicals on their lips and spread chemical nightmares with bat guano on their eyelashes.  The same women buy all silicone sex toys for safety and then slather them in chemicals to insert them into their vaginas.  People do crazy things.

People do crazy things like pay others lots of money to shove huge 10g needles through their labias and insert steel rings for beauty and sexual enhancement.  Yikes. Yeah. Today I’m feeling that.  I still love them and I’m still glad I did it and I waited a LONG time to make it happen, but yeah.. today the alien brain has much to contemplate.

The alien brain runs wild until I look at my gleaming rings, or until I step from the shower and feel their gentle weight and the way they make me aware of my warm and sensitive labia.  Then I get wet.  And then they hurt.  And I clean them and they ache a little in a not-so-good way (unless you come kiss me).

10g needleI’m glad I did it, but yeah.. today is a day when I just can’t stop thinking about the old phrase that always made me laugh- “beauty is pain”.  I scoffed at that.  I, who won’t wear uncomfortable clothing to be fashionable, who won’t spend an hour each morning doing my hair and make-up as so many women do, who refuses to dress up most of the time because it’s so damn uncomfortable, and who wears my comfy keen shoes almost every day almost all the time.  I scoff at a sexy sexy scratchy pair of panties and a stiff push up bra and daily hair rituals and 15 kinds of make-up.. and then I shove steel skewers through my genitals.  Yeah.  It’s healthy to scoff at yourself sometimes.

They’re beautiful and I love them, but today beauty is pain.



  1. Doesn’t sound alien to me. Sounds like a logical WTF?! contemplation. People do illogical, conflicting, and hypocritical things all the time. It’s the brain’s job to try to make sense of our behavioral oddities. Most people don’t bother to recognize their own divergences when it comes to that. You do. And self-awareness is sexy. 😉

    I’m sorry you’re hurty today. Hopefully the pain will pass quickly and you are getting kisses on your ouchies. (Typical tangential aside: For some reason I thought you were going to get your clitoral hood pierced… At least you’re not ouchy there! Things could be worse.)




  2. I got a reverse prince Albert back in late Feb. A lot of tissue to pierce. It’s still sensitive at times and has to be cared for regularly. Boy it sure feels good when we have sex especially to her. It will pass have in there.


  3. I guess I’m a coward. I’ll still shove my feet in shoes with tiny stiletto heels, wear scratchy bras and spend 15 minutes on mascara alone (albeit organic!). But I’m still too afraid to get my clit pierced, even though I’ve heard and read over and over how good it eventually feels. Good luck with the healing process!


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