Traveler is about to travel a lot again for a while.  Dammit.  Over the next few months he’s gone during the week more than he is home.  Eh.  It is what it is.  I used to be a Navy wife.  It’s been a while but I got this.

Having said all of that… I’m spoiled.  I’m used to seeing him a few nights a week. So I’m soaking it all up now.  And this coming weekend we are off to a ski vacation together.  It’s 4 days and one really sweet mountain, a condo with a private hot-tub on a river, a snuggly fireplace, walking distance to cocktails and a well stocked kitchen to cook in together.  AND, I’m finally meeting a sexy blogger friend.  I’m not gonna lie people.  I have no expectations and no assumptions, but I have hope.

A backlit couple kiss underwater in the deep

A backlit couple kiss underwater in the deep

I. am. stoked.

And Traveler sent himself off this week with a date to tide me over.

We had a pretty usual date planned, just kinda chilling with each other, but Traveler had an urge for a delicious beef dish.  So we went to a favorite little spot.  It’s where we’ve celebrated our last two anniversaries and it’s kinda become our special little place.  We had a great dinner and a great talk.  We laughed our heads off and shared smutty ideas and drank yummy wine.  We walked along the beach and shared little dreams and sweet loving promises.  And then we came home.

Oh. Hot. Damn.

I’ve been a purr of sexy energy lately with all of our plans and perusing.  Breathless.  Grappling.  Deep.  Kissing… Kissing.  Falling in his eyes.  Held down.  Can’t breathe. Flooding. Pouring. Open. Aching. Can’t look away.

We woke up naked at 3am and I blew out the candles and turned off lights and got us both giant glasses of water.  And we curled up again and drifted back to peaceful sleep with purring kitties in the bed.  Over breakfast there were more kisses and talk about our trip.  He’s only gone a few short days and then we’re off.

Now that’s how to say Adieu.


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