Alyson Hannigan.. yum.

Alyson Hannigan.. yum.

God, help me.  I am just as bad as every lecherous guy I dated when I was a young woman.  I’m just as bad as my father.  I’m just as bad as every Camaro-driving balding middle-aged man with every young and beautiful waitress.  I am the idiot who feels special because a young woman thinks I still got it.

I was 18 years old when she was born. I can feel how red my face is right now, but I don’t care.  There’s something about her I like, even past the fact that she’s foxy.

She’s sexy.  She has a pretty fair resemblance to Alyson Hannigan from Buffy.  She has those sleepy sexy eyes and that cutely quirky smile and the red hair too. She’s got a lovely hourglass figure and soft alabaster skin.  She likes technical manuals and nerdy things and she’s interested in learning more about polyamory and in playing with couples and exploring.  She likes being teased.  She likes trying things like fancy Mezcal.  She has a naughty smile.  She thought we were cute too.  She knows how old we are.  She likes it.  She doesn’t have a lot of experience and she’d like more.  She likes my ideas…I do have rather fun ideas.
alyson hannigan 2I’d rather love to help her explore.

Oh God.  I’d love to help her explore.

Please please please universe?

So I have to admit I’d want this girl even if it were just physical.  But there is something kinda great there, a certain humor and an intellectual curiosity that I find highly appealing.  Most every person who ever tried to justify robbing the cradle has said it, but it’s true.  She’s kinda timeless.

It’s odd but I relate to that.  I was always that old soul, that 11 year old with the 15 year old friends.  I spent my young adulthood generally with people of all sorts of ages.  I’ve had friends from 14-74.  This girl does too.  When she talks about her friend who is 63 and from Sri Lanka I totally see a bit of myself in that.

But yeah.. kinda red-faced.

She’s 23.

Alyson Hannigan 3


  1. By 19, I was with two women in mid thirties and by 25 I had shared affections with several more older women in a sexually free commune (Osho). I’m 47 now, and still sexually free, one of the lovers I’ve been with for twenty two years is 68 and sleeping next to me as I write this reply.

    I’m grateful to the older women who embraced me in my youth and still today. When there is an abundance of delicious fruit on a tree, it makes no sense to let it fall to the ground and rot when it is a pleasure to share and many are hungry. I share with adults who value affection. Still, it is older women mostly.

    Last night, dancing at a burner decom, a lovely woman (mid fifties I suspect) came over with that little smile and joined me dancing. She boldly flirted with me in front of two women I’m dating who are both older than me. She now has my contact info. If she were 19 years old and did something similar, assuming I felt something similar, would that young woman have my contact info?

    You goddamn right she would!


    • Damn. All of that is lovely. I should admit I’m absolutely open to and pursuing this woman too. I just felt funny about it after disdaining men who chased young women. Im seeing that both my shyness about this lovely women and my judgements of others might be misguided if used as a blanket thing.

      however.. There is something about those who chase only youth that is a bit.. Something. I had an ex who would chase any young woman who’d have him woth little regard to the woman or what she was bringing to the table. My father chased women in their 20’s almost exclusively until he died. In later years these women were mostly very troubled drug users and prostitutes. His desire for the validation of youth was a hige detriment.

      So.. Maybe its not thd number, but the drive? If a beautiful funny enticing and interesting woman of any age (that is legal and consenting) catches my fancy, and i hers, then there is jorhing misguided in pursuing and loving that connection. But maybe id have to think more about it if it was more about being validated by a certain attribute that made me disregard other important factors?

      I shiuld admit i didnt hesitate at all because of her age either. Shes lovely and i like her. Traveler likes her too. And to my utter delight she likes us. Thanks for your relating and for the reframe. 🙂


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