Any Questions?

Today it became legal in the US everywhere for same sex couples to marry.  Seriously.  Happy.

And so very fucking tired.  It’s been a crazy week.

Tonight I get to have fun with my friend, PhD, who is visiting.  We’re talking about doing a podcast.  Got any Questions?

Also.. just to put it somewhere.  FUCK I miss Traveler.  Monday we got about 2 hours before bed, Wednesday about an hour, and Saturday we’ll get a date at another burning man event where we likely won’t see much of each other before we undoubtedly fall into bed too exhausted to breathe (for the second week in a row) .  God dammit we are too busy.  I miss him so fucking much.  I feel like I’m on a starvation diet.

His work was crazy this week and during dinner before our group event Wednesday, which we’d booked because we miss each other so fucking much we wanted just a damn hour with each other, he had a conference call he was on from 2 minutes after we met up until 1 minute.. exactly 1 minute, before we rushed into our class!  I get to see him 3 days this week and not a damn one is gonna have any real time with him.  One of my patients, err… well.. one of the patients at my clinic that I cared deeply about, stabbed himself to death this week.  We saw him the day before and he was having some voices, but was doing okay and has been stable for a long long time.  Out of nowhere he is just dead and we are all reeling and it’s been absolutely crazy around here trying to scramble and figure out what went wrong and what to do now. I’m telling you.  Mental health difficulties are a mother fucker.

I am really okay and coping well, and I’ve been LOVING time with PhD.  But fuckity I miss my man.  I didn’t really talk about it because we had just a little time before bed on Wednesday.  It is a comfort that Traveler has been missing me like crazy too but we all have to do what we have to do.  We get a bonus of some time in a couple of weeks and we are holding out for that.  I think it’s gonna kinda suck until then and likely afterward too.

Just keep kicking.

Just keep kicking.

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