I just called to say…

I just talked on the phone.  I talked on the freaking telephone to a man I just started dating.  We talked for no reason at all really, just touching base.  How cool is that?

an old style telephone gleams with it's rotary dial and it's big comfy handset.

an old style telephone gleams with it’s rotary dial and it’s big comfy handset.

Nobody talks on the phone anymore here in Seattle.  I swear.  I’ve been dating for YEARS now and this is the first dude I’ve ever dated who texts for like a second and then says, “can we talk on the telephone?”  And he works in a tech type industry (of course).

What a luxury to unwind with my crummy fast food and a nice light conversation with a sexy man.

We need to bring back the phone.  I forgot the simple pleasure of talking to a boy you like on the telephone and having nothing to say really, but loving the sound of his voice, and feeling special because he wanted to talk to you on the phone.

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  1. Pretty much, talking on the phone is a relationship requirement for me. There is a free-flow to phone conversations that you don’t get in bits/characters, and it’s more spontaneous. For me, voice contact is a form of intimacy that cannot be replicated elsewhere, and it tells me a lot more than emotionless text ever will. Mood and tone, a hitch of breath, a smile in their voice, hesitancy, enthusiasm… Those things are SO important to hear/experience/share.

    I still talk to my husband on the phone at least once a week, and I can talk to my mom once a month or more. I have friends near and far, but the ones who remain closest despite the distance are the ones who can carry on a real conversation with me.

    Computerized tech communications have closed a great many gaps, but our over-dependence on them has created chasms. I will use any means available to me, but I’m an old fashioned girl. As Blondie would sing: CALL ME! 🙂


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