Unlocked! We Took a Turn

Sweet Metamour… please skip this.  *smootch*

I am thrilled at a recent wonderful evening.  I’m thrilled because it was.. well.. really sexy and fun. I’m thrilled because I planned a scene and then went with the flow and ended up having an amazing time.  And I’m thrilled because it turns out…. I really like dominating.  crop

Oh there!  I knew I was a little teeny bit switchy when it came to kink.  I am sexually aggressive and good at taking charge, and I like it, but I hadn’t played much at dominating.  I’ve done oodles of sensation play and played with impact and such with Traveler, but I’ve never been really too dominant with him or any man really.  I’ve taken my pleasure, but this was the first time I dominated a man and the first time I dominated two people at once.  In kinky domination play, for the most part, I am really drawn to being submissive.  I like to please my partners more than just about anything sexually.  I love to feel wanted, sexy, and fulfilling.  I want you to smack my ass and pull my hair because it turns you on to do so.  Most of my fantasies are about ME being the slut, me being the one to submit.  I want to be used sometimes.  I like to feel slutty.  I like a little pain.  Mostly I like passion.

So this is a little new.

This is a lovely lovely turn.

I mentioned some time ago to Yarn Hooker and Traveler while talking about fantasies that I thought it’d be hot to have Yarn Hooker and Traveler under my control and it was one of the fantasies that seemed to interest both of them too.  It percolated in the back of my mind for a while and then more seriously the last week or two.  I told Traveler just a few hints of what I’d like to do with them while we were messing around.  It was hints really.  I told him I wanted him to be my pet, powerless, and that I’d do whatever I wanted with him.  I told him a little of what I might want to do with Yarn Hooker.  We got insanely hot talking about it and ended up fucking with wild abandon with our clothes pulled off just enough to fuck against the side of my bed.  We’d been too far gone to even undress or get on the bed.  Had my bed not been like 12 feet away in my little apartment we wouldn’t have made it.  We’d tapped into something.

Of course many many times I’ve been in charge or he has, and we’ve played countless times with my toys or goodies.  But this was a little different.  This was really about me dominating him.  He was MINE.  I would do whatever I fucking wanted (that he’d previously consented to of course).  I’ve taken my pleasure with him, and he’s taken his with me, but this was a different game.  It wasn’t me just doing whatever I wanted.  It was me making HIM do what I wanted.  It made us crazy to talk about.  I fed off of his excitement and he fed off of mine.  I told him about my desire to make my little scene, see if Yarn Hooker might like it.  Let’s just say he was really supportive.

I didn’t tell him too much about what I’d planned because I’d wanted the element of surprise, but I asked if he would be comfortable being used, watching, being watched, being told what to do, being teased and denied orgasms.  His answer was an enthusiastic yes and sex twice the night I asked.  When we all got together I filled Yarn Hooker in a little, asking her similar things, and she was game.

naked womanI wanted her to be exposed and to play with the dynamic of control.  I knew I wanted to start by having her naked with Traveler sitting a little aside and both Traveler and I fully clothed.  I wanted to excite her and to leave her untouched in our gaze in turns.  I had a million ideas I didn’t do and I’m saving for another time, but I started just as I’d hoped.

I wanted to start outside the bedroom, to sort of heighten her nudity.  I wanted it to specifically not be a place where one is naked in another’s home usually.  It excites me to feel exposed and seen and I hoped it would excite her too.  I wanted Traveler in a chair, separated and made to observe at first.  And we started this way.

Traveler was ordered to sit in his office chair and I kissed him for just a sec and told him to stay there.  I walked to Yarn Hooker and played with her, getting us both a little excited, kissing, running my hands on her curves, delighting in her form, hoping she felt my appreciation and my desire.  And I took off her clothes.  I walked around her, touching her, playing with her, admiring her, checking out how we were exciting Traveler.  I observed the effect of her sexy body on Traveler.  I heard him breathe approval when he liked things I did to Yarn Hooker.  I smacked her ass.  I pinched her nipples and pulled her head back by her hair.  I caressed her and played with her.  I ran my hands all over her body and I told her to keep her hands to herself.  I told her to put her hands behind her head while I smacked her breasts and made the blood rush to them, grabbing her, delighting in her.  I told Traveler to say things to her.  And then I left her standing there and told her not to move while I went and got a few things.

I’d previously told Traveler not to speak in the scene at first.  I wanted Yarn Hooker to cool and to feel her nudity before him without him making conversation or putting her at ease.  I just wanted her to stand there, bare in what I hoped was excitement.  I also wanted him powerless to interact with her yet.  I wanted him to want.

I gathered a bag of goodies I’d left in the next room and put on my sexy heels I thought I might need to play the part.  I grabbed my crop and I took a few breaths.  I wanted them to wait a little, him immobile in his office chair and her naked before him, observing each other and not speaking, just seeing and being seen.

I came back and kissed Traveler deeply and touched his cock through his pants, pleased that he was strained.  I reached in his pants and pulled his cock up so we could enjoy the bulge in his pants.  And I kissed Yarn Hooker again too.  I again felt her beautiful curves and her stunning breasts.  I had her spread her legs a little.  I smacked her ass and her legs with the crop a little too, starting very soft and building till she squirmed, and asking her if she wanted it harder.  I caressed the areas I’d smacked, enjoying the blood rushing to her skin and her awakened nerves and sensation.  I loved the beautiful pink coming to her skin.  I walked around and around her, taking in her responses and Traveler’s too.

I decided Traveler needed to be exposed too and I pulled out his cock and ordered her to suck it.  She bent over with her hands on his knees and sucked him hungrily.  I kissed him for a moment and then went behind her.  I smacked her ass and played with her pussy through her thin panties while she sucked him.  I cropped her ass with stinging little blows in a spot at a time until she wriggled and sucked Traveler briefly with each building sting.  I felt powerful.  Every time I smacked her like this she’d suck him more hungrilly and he’d arch in his chair.  I liked smacking her and making him react.  I made her suck him until he was building up and I ordered her to stand up again.  Traveler was left clearly wanting.

tiedI had her to put her hands behind her head and I sucked and pinched and smacked her tits until they were pink, loving her response.  I untied one of Traveler’s hands and ordered him to stroke his cock for us and we watched him for a minute.  I love watching him stroke his cock like that for me.  It makes me so wet.  She continued watching him as I played with her more, going behind her to pet her ass and to slide my hands on her skin.  Eventually I slipped my finger into her panties and found her surprise… a brand new pussy piercing, a clit-hood piercing!

Yarn Hooker and I had talked about piercings a few times and about the hood piercing in particular.  It’s a sexy piercing, but it’s also very functional.  It had been three weeks since she’d gotten it and that was plenty of time to play carefully, but not to get saliva on it yet.  I was sad about that but too excited at her new piercing to mind that super much.  Traveler and I hadn’t seen it yet, so I turned her away from Traveler and took off her panties, revealing her sweet little pussy and its gleaming new addition.  I admired her pretty little pussy’s gleaming addition and loved how strained Traveler looked to see it.  I played her her pussy and admired it, teasing Traveler behind her.  I’d always like the looks of piercings and thought they were cool, but I got my more driven affinity for them from him.  In our talks and our play with mine I’ve developed a little fetish, so this was delicious, both to see and anticipate more play, but also to tantalize him.

I sat her on the couch and put each of her feet on the couch on either side of her, spreading her legs wide.  I had Traveler watch while I played with her body, kissing her, sucking her nipples, cropping her and smacking her.  I made her play with her own clit because her piercing is new and I didn’t want to hurt her, and of course I love watching her play with her pussy.  I buried my fingers in her soaking wet pussy again and fucked her with my hand a bit, and let him lick my fingers clean.  I repeated this again a few times, playing with her and giving him a taste.  And I asked her if I could stretch her pussy.  She has a tight small pussy and I know I can’t fist her.  It takes a good bit of practice sometimes to learn to stretch and to relax enough.  I thought it’d be fun to start learning, and I asked her if she’d let me stretch her pussy and fuck her with my thick toy.  She asked to see it and I showed it to her and heard Traveler groan.

She seemed willing to trust me.  I had her play with her pussy and made him watch while I sucked his cock for a bit to make sure he was nice and worked up, and then I began to work Yarn Hooker’s pussy.  We used a little lube and paused just a time or two, and she breathed and took to stretching like a champ, learning to make just a little room in her strong pussy.  It’s hard not to bear down when you get excited, but she made herself do it.  Traveler was breathing heavy, stroking in rhythm as I worked the big fat dildo in and out of her pussy.  When she was breathing good and heavy and bucking I fucked her hard with it, working the entire long fat dildo into her wet wet cunt.  It was insanely hot to fuck her good and hard like that, her pussy stretching and gripping the dildo and Traveler stroking his cock furiously as he watched and encouraged.  I told her she was a good slut.  I praised her for taking my huge cock.  I wished furiously for a strap on.  I felt my own wetness running down my leg as I watched her take the cock and watched him work himself up again and again.

And then, since they were so good, I let her relax for a second while I fucked Traveler for a few minutes still tied in his chair.  He told me to slow down or stop a few times because he was going to cum.  I’d reminded him as I sank onto his cock that he wasn’t allowed to come until I gave him permission.  After another pause I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to watch them fuck before I fucked him more.  I put a condom on him and demanded they fuck.  They were very obliging.

I told him he still couldn’t come without permission.  I made him say things to Yarn Hooker.  I made him tell her how her pussy felt.  I asked how it felt for her to have him fucking her swollen and used pussy.  I played with his balls and his ass.  I played with my pussy and watched.  I made him fuck her hard while she came and he begged me to let him cum.  I made him beg more. And then I ordered him to cum.

I needed to come after that and decided he needed to be punished for begging to come then and not fucking me more.  I let him calm his breath and then ordered him to lay down on the settee.  I sat on his face and told him he had to show me his gratitude.  I told him to see how wet he and Yarn Hooker made me.  He ate my pussy and I very very quickly came.

I thought the scene was ridiculously hot, made moreso by it being with THEM, and I told them so.  I told them both how much they’d pleased me and basked in their praise too.  I felt powerful and pleasing and sexy.  I felt lucky and a little surprised by how much I’d love that.  I didn’t do a bunch of stuff I’d thought about and I realized it could be material for next time… if I’m so lucky.heels wet

And the rest of the night was fun and easy.  We had take out and talked and laughed and related.  We drank yummy wine and cocktails Yarn Hooker and I had made.  We talked art and opera and wine and plans.  We admired her new piercing and talked jewelry.  We just seemed enjoyed each other, and of course we had another round of excellent naughty fun later.  I couldn’t eat Yarn Hooker’s pussy, but that didn’t stop her from treating me to her ministrations.  I flooded and splashed when he held me down.  And I promised her I’d want to taste her more for missing out on this time.

I felt so honored that they’d played this game with me and I was tickled so much that it had been so hot and they’d seemed to like it too.

And I’m enjoying all kinds of exploration with them, and I hope to do more of the dirty things I think.. or they think too.  See?  THIS is why play is so nice.  Oh, ever more layers…. ever more ways to purr.


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