Slaughtering the Goat

goat happy


I had plans to have hot sexy times today with the new guy, Diesel.  He got back from Alaska early and asked if I could meet up Wednesday.  I actually could have, but I had just started my period that day.  I love period sex.  Don’t get me wrong.  But.. this would be like the 3rd time we’ve slept together and the first day of my period.

Girls, is it just me or is that the worst time?

I like period sex actually and know many women who do.  I’m more sensitive at that time and everything feels so much more.. more.  BUT… I also squirt and occasionally gush when I cum.  And Diesel makes me GUSH.  It’s a little insane.  I drink glasses and glasses of water during our sessions so far and I gush oodles and oodles of times.  He seems to like marathon sessions.  (which I love.  I love great one-timers too).  

So.  If we’d met up Wednesday I was pretty sure my bed would end up looking like a crime scene.  A couple of years ago Traveler and I used to meet in hotel rooms for sexy dates, and on one of them we’d had sex a couple of times during the night, slept and had sex again in the morning.  The morning one was especially nice and I’d cum buckets.  I’m not sure what it is about that guy, but damn.  We’d turned off the lights the night before and gone to sleep, so the room was pitch black.  We turned on the lights to get ready and realized I had gotten my period.  It was horrific!  There was a giant stain where we’d fucked and bloody handprints on the sheets and the comforter.  The bedding had been snowy white, so it was especially stark.  We joked that it looked like we’d slaughtered a goat!  It really did look like we had. (We scrubbed the bedding out the best we could and left a big tip).  (Ironically I repeated this mistake almost a year later with Cleveland).

This week Diesel was game to hook up anyway, saying “they make showers, don’t they?”  I found it super hot he’d be game to get down with Aunt Flow in town, but I’d like to reserve breaking that seal for after I rock him a few more times.  So we booked our hot date for today, Friday.

goat bath

Goat bath from

One mustn’t drive away one’s hot new fuck buddy with indelicate menstruation.  

And then today Diesel cancelled.  Wah.  There will be no afternoon delight for this girl today.  I’d pout slightly more, but I had WONDERFUL delight last night. Traveler and I met up with one of his friends for dinner and afterward went back to my place.  I lit candles and got some good music going.  He was supposed to go home and get clothes for the next day, but some things could wait till morning.  He had taken me up on my bargain that he’d happily give it up when I had my period and I’d clean him up after so it’d be like it never happened.  Win/Win.

I brought a couple of nice warm washrags and a dry towel back to bed and very very happily removed all traces.  It’s just like the goat was never slain.

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  1. Period sex is not my thing. At all. I feel icky the whole time. But to each his own. My favorite thing ever is either kitchen sex, or pregnant sex. Oh baby. I just love being all full and curvy and maternal. Plus everything is so sensitive down there the last 3 or 4 months.

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