Weird messages

I get the weirdest email now and then. Most of my email to the blog is lovely. People share a thought or an experience and I love it. Once in a great while though I get some weird stuff.

Someone just sent me a message saying “we” are in our late 30’s and early 40’s and he doesn’t feel old.

Who is we? Did he mean him and a group of people? His partner? Him and I?

Why should he feel old? Who called him old? Why’d he feel the desire to tell me?

So weird.

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  1. Well, I think humans are just naturally expressive, and like to tell somebody how they feel, and are often taken for granted by people in their peer group…

    So maybe its not all that weird? maybe he just thinks you might like to know something ahead of the curve….

    As for “feeling old” I think most of that comes from people trashing themselves their whole lives and basically wearing their bodies out with excessive partying, work, or stress…

    I will be 60 this month, and still feel the same physically as in my mid 20’s. same kid inside… The face shows the miles and tears, the energy level drops off at around 50, but you see people thinking you are “old”, and its a shock to the person on the inside…

    I was always careful to not trash my body, spent the last 20 years living full time camping in nature in the tropics, and kept stress as low as I could and still deal with humans…

    I took a lot of flack from work ethic friends, who now have all kinds of heath problems from jobs, people stress, recreational drugs, and crashes from being yahoos….


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