It’s been a long while now that traveler has been open and sharing feelings and talking to me, but I still feel this giddy awe of being let in. It’s an amazing thing to be able to hear your partners thoughts and fears and loves. I’m understanding and being let in on all these loyalties, challenges, frustrations, little thoughts, hopes, dreams and musings and I’m just… So grateful. 

Isn’t it amazing to explore the weird inner worlds with someone you love?  I’m fascinated and awed and honored to get access to this man. He could find no better way to make me feel secure and loved. This is the real romance to me, petting the skin of his chest as I listen.

I’m totally enraptured to hear how his mind works and to learn all of these things about him. I love knowing this part of him that only exists with me and I treasure every root of this trust. 

Oh words! Give me your sweet and difficult words. Share whatever you want with me and know I’ll treasure it. I fall fall fall. 

I remember in our early days, in that first year maybe, I could not have imagined Traveler could “go there”. We fell so long and slow and subtly. I didn’t know he could talk like this, connect this way, feel like this, or let me in on it. I worried so much as we first fell in love. I could see it in his passion, his kisses, his eyes, but I longed so much for the words. I didn’t know if I’d ever be in here. 

I feel lucky to love this man. I feel so lucky he let me in. I love everything he shares. One of my favorite things about this kind of intimacy is the gift of always learning and exploring these reaches in our loves. I could spend the rest of our lives in here and never grow tired or feel the voyage is done. And I love that. 

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