Sex parties and consent

I’ve been attending sex parties and events since 1997. I have attended parties and events in New York, Chicago, Texas, California, Oregon and Washington state.  Holly and I met on OKC  and then in person for the first time at a sex party, and we’ve been to BDSM workshops, play parties and swing parties together.  I’ve hosted small gatherings in my home and volunteered to assist at large and small parties on both coasts.

Last month I attended a lecture from some PhD/University professors who have collected, over the past few years, data from people who have attended sex parties. Some of the data comes from folks who have attended only a few events and others who host parties and attend hundreds a year.  Here are streams of the talks that were presented on Facebook Live, if you are interested.

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova PhD

The second video is the one I’d like to talk most about. At about 49 minutes in, Dr. Brooke Wells starts to discuss “Sexual Consent, Safety & Victimization Among Play Party Attendees”, and some of the numbers she presented were surprising to me. Keep in mind that this talk was an initial review and early presentation of findings, rather than  a presentation of conclusions or suggested action items. Continue reading