Home Again

Traveler and I just got home from a week away, and what a week!  I think I fell even more in love with him.

We spent a week together in Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  It was wonderful. We hiked and walked and ate great meals and did sea kayaking.  We had morning and afternoon and evening kisses and snuggles and hot passionate sex. We had connected sex and sweet sex and close gasping, can’t stop kissing, locked eyes, grasping, aching, delicious sex.  Almost four years in and I fall fall fall.  God yes.  We’ve never spent a week together before, just us, and it was glorious.

hello bc vancouver islandWe talked and talked and joked and laughed and kissed and snuggled and just had the best time.  It was easy and fun.

And honestly it was hard to come home.  We daydreamed about the cafe we’d open in Hawaii or the bed and breakfast we’d run like the one we stayed in.  We dreamed about the vacation home we’d build together and the little country house we’d live in.  It’s idle dreams that we both know won’t happen.  We love Quinky, and our jobs and our friends, and our lives.  But there was something special about this dreaming o me.  It’s special because it isn’t real.  It won’t hurt anyone or change our lives. It’s just the admission that in a perfect world made of magic we’d get to be together like this all the time.  It’s only the admission that this love is a great love too.

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Away From it All

I’m packing and running around for a week long trip to Vancouver island with Traveler. I can’t wait!

A week. We are spending a whole week together. And the best part is that most of the time we won’t have wifi. This means he can’t work a bunch of it like his work always wants to make him. I’m not deluded. I’m sure he’ll work some, but a lot of it, he can’t. Heaven.

We will check in with Quinky as we are able, because of course we’ll miss her, but other than that and maybe a tiny bit of work Traveler is roped into, we will just be together.

We planned a canoe trip and a caving adventure, and I’m going to take him to a taxidermy store. We will have a couple of fancy dinners, and try some yummy beer and get a nanaimo bar too. We’ll hike and hit the hot tub, and be in nature, and enjoy board games with our wine. We’re planning sand castles and a sexy adventure too. God, I’m excited!!!

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Sexy Times Are Lovely Learning Experiences

It’s been mostly real and hard to talk about lately.. good stuff.. just deeper and harder to say, closer to the chest. And then there is sexy adventure. ¬†ūüėČ Traveler and I took a vacation to Idaho for skiing and had a wonderful time. It was so bonding and so wonderful. ¬†All the good talks and all the good meals and all the fun was had. ¬†It was nice just to be together, marveling at the joy of just having time. ¬†red head waterAnd we met our lovely smart funny sexy blogger friend. ¬†The conversation was one of those great ones that is all over and we soon talked like old friends, excitedly sharing info and relating. ¬†It was one of those conversations were I learned a lot of Traveler’s thoughts too on things. ¬†And she was so very sexy, mesmerizing with her beautiful mind and sexy hourglass curves and the enticing slant of her smile. I worry a little that I pushed things maybe further than they were naturally though. ¬†It seemed like flirting and fun were welcome and the kisses fiery and sweet and everyone consented to and seemed to enjoy everything. ¬†Late into the night we found ourselves naked and playing, Traveler and my friend and me. and it was all good, wonderful even, beyond the orgasms and the excitement, but I worried maybe I pushed things. ¬†I would have been happy to just have those kisses, and it was hot, all of it, the kisses and play and all the sexy times that came after, but it’s just something I’ll think of in future situations, to not push so much because I’d rather be left with no doubt and be sure that nobody ever feels pushed and that no hesitancy, however minor, is ignored. ¬†Everyone seemed to have fun and in the morning we all checked in and were good. ¬†In no way was the evening or all that happened a bad thing. ¬†I just want to be sure I always learn what I can. I love what threesomes teach me about myself, about someone new, and about my partner. ¬†I’m still processing good things.

A redheaded woman reclines in the water, from pinterest.com

A redheaded woman reclines in the water, from pinterest.com

Skiing with Prejudice but not with Malice

I have a bunch of rants in my head about things but one that just came up.

I was riding in the car with Traveler to do some Christmas shopping and we were talking about scheduling. ¬†I ask, “Oh yeah.. when is the Utah ski trip by the way?”. ¬†He says “Well.. it’s Super Bowl weekend, so normally I’d be coming back Sunday night, but I think I’m going to stay Sunday night because of the Super Bowl, you know, to watch it there”. ¬†Hmm.. all *I statements*.

“Has it turned into a boys only thing?”.

“No. A lot of people are going.”

“Is it just the guys though?”

“No…Quinky Girl is coming.”


lego ski couple

lego ski couple from http://jestergoblin.com

He was puzzled. ¬†I said, “Um. ¬†I was invited to that. ¬†We were all talking about going. Remember. ¬†You said it would be fun if we all went, when your friends were here. ¬†You asked me in the Irish place if I would come and I said I would. ¬†And we told your other friend, when we were in Portland, that we’d see her on the ski trip. I thought.. I thought I was still going. ¬†Am I not going?”

Silence. ¬†“I’m sorry. ¬†There will be some work people there I’m not out to yet. So, I’m only taking¬†Quinky Girl.”

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