Podcasts – Get 'Em Here

microphone2Cleveland and I have made some podcasts.  Find them a bunch of ways on the main blog or find all of them here.  We’re playing with the idea of calling it the “Non-Mono-Cast”, as we talk about poly, swinging, open, kink, play partner, fwb, sexy time, love, relationships and all the stuffs in the ethically non-monogamous world.  Oh!  And don’t be scared by how long the clock thing says the post is when you first go there.  It’s a glitch and the podcasts are NOT an hour long.  They tend to be about a half hour, give or take.  🙂


1) Oral Fixation!

The first ever Podcast.  It’s about Oral Sex- Podcast number 1


2&3) Origin Stories

Origin Stories, Cleveland and “Holly Would”- Podcast number 2 and 3


Missing Number 4- Yeah.  These things happen.  It was not posted to protect the innocent.


5) Insecurity

It’s about Insecurity- Podcast 5

6) PolyCamp!

It’s about Polycamp- Podcast number 6

7) It’s All about The Kink-

It’s All about the Kink- Podcast Number 7

8) The First Trip to the Swing Club –

It’s All about Our First Trip to Sesso- Podcast Number 8

9) After the First Trip to the Swing Club-

It’s about what happened and after the first trip to the Swing Club- Podcast Number 9

10) Differences-

It’s about dating and loving and having sex with more than one person and all the little differences- Podcast Number 10

11) Peach’s Inquisition-

It’s about Peaches, my metamour (partner’s partner).  She talks about being unlabeled, soloish and poly, dating monogamous people, handling feelings, communication, and life in our little murder- Podcast Number 11.

12) Inside/Outside-

It’s about about inclusiveness, integration, and other fancy words for making less compartments and boxes for the people we love.  It’s about mixing it up.  It’s about getting it all together.  It’s about Ohana. It’s cake and eating it too.  It’s about the murder.  Awwwww.. yeah -Podcast Number 12.

13) Get Quinky!-

It’s about long term poly, family, poly-affective relationships, love, polyamory, dating, metamors, the murder, and a whole lotta good talk with Traveler’s other partner, aka Quinky Girl.  The post itself on this blog has links to her blog and the books we talked about too.  Traveler’s other partner dishes. – Podcast Numer 13.


14) Word Search-

It’s about finding the words to say how you feel and what you need.  Communicating and negotiating and resources for how to do it well.  We have links to helpful sites, podcasts, books and such.  Finding the words to say it and how to hear it – Podcast Number 14.


15) Get Real-

It’s about getting real in relationships and that time AFTER the romantic afterglow.  Cleveland and I talk about deal breakers, breaking the seal and all the good and frustrating stuff that comes after the “they are such a dreamboat!” stage – Podcast Number 15.


16) Hard Facts About Man Sex

It’s about men and how they are alllllllllllllways ready for sex and must never say no. Oops. Maybe not. Breaking down some myths about the men-folk.  Hard facts about man sex are here – Podcast Number 16.


17) Not So Butt-Hurt-

It’s about butt sex, butt play, and doing the butt.. aww.. sexy sexy!  Cleveland and I talk about lube lube and more lube, what not to do, how to try, and naughty little butt sex plans and fun.  We were going to call it butt hurt, but pain isn’t necessary with butt play.  Ohh.. varieties of sensation and sexy time anal sex fun.  – Podcast Number 16… ummm.. for the second time.  Oops.  This is podcast 17 but we forgot how to count.  🙂


18) Slutty Girls and the Men Who Love Them-

It’s about girls loving sex, having epic threesomes and talking about it to men who love it.  It’s about women being slutty and loving it, and being supported in that.  Cleveland and I talk about my first swinging experience and the fun to be had.  – Podcast Number 18 actually.  We had two number 16’s, so this is number 18.  Doh!


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