People Lie

Sometimes people tell themselves things.

I posted a rather stupid comment on my grown daughter’s Facebook page that implied something I honestly hadn’t meant.  I was trying to be funny and failed.  The dog walker jumped on there and called me out and said something to the effect of “shame on you.  (Ex-hubby) and (daughter) are father and daughter!”  I replied that it wasn’t her business and that I knew they were father and daughter since I helped raise my daughter since she was 7.  But I realized my comment was kinda stupid and apologized to my ex and my daughter and deleted it.

The dog walker sent a message to me saying it was her business because my daughter is her family and my ex and my daughter belong to her now.  Um. Okay.  Like they are cows.  It’s not like I think my ex is mine at all, in any shape or form.  I get that my daughter is also becoming the dog walker’s family.  This is natural.  They are in each other’s lives daily and likely care a great deal about each other.  More people loving and treating my daughter well is awesome in my book.  My daughter becoming family is awesome, but it doesn’t make her any less my family too.  And as I said here many times, I genuinely liked the dog walker.  I think she’s a good fit for The ex and she was always really nice.  I’m honestly not sure what beef she could have with me.  I never talk to her, have no dealings with her, talk to my ex (her boyfriend) hardly ever, and have never said a negative thing about her.  I’m a grown-up.  She was always amazing with my pets, and seemed like a genuinely nice person.


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So, here’s the thing that puzzled me with this.  When she sent her irate message, she started it with “your cheating is out in the open now”.  Um.. yeah.  I’d say me having sex outside my marriage is pretty fucking well documented.  I’ve been writing a blog about it for 3 years now and it has gotten over 120,000 hits and has 750 or so regular prescribers.  I am out to pretty much everyone.  My husband and I told our families we were open.  Even a few people at my work know.  It’s not a secret.  I had sex with others.

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

ImageI’ve been looking on OKC a little more.  I’m not really looking to date much at this point, but I guess I’m getting a little curious.  I’ve been perusing the ladies, and looking at a few guys with really specific interests (kink).   I’m not really looking to date so very much as maybe find a playfriend.  In a perfect world, well.. I’d find a kinky person or a bi woman to have fun times with, but I’m open to whatever and not searching too damn hard.

If I add any pics or answer any questions I kinda “wake up” my profile and get messages, so I’m not doing that.  But I have actually logged in more lately so that starts a trickle.  So far I found one woman I wanted to meet who wanted me to fuck her boyfriend and pretended she was interested in me when she isn’t.   I’ve also exchanged messages with dudes who turned out to be married and thought me being open meant I’d happily help them cheat on their wives.  I think they didn’t understand open or poly.  I usually just don’t engage or respond to such messages.  One guy sent me two copies of the exact same long generic message a few weeks apart.  I don’t know why they don’t use a spreadsheet or something to let them know who they’ve spammed already.  I replied that he’d already sent me that message and that I wouldn’t be answering cut and paste messages that dudes sent out to every chick, looking to see what sticks.

He replied that he knew I’d already received his message and that he isn’t a cutter and paster, but we were such a good match he had to try.  Yeah.  Right.  And we were a terrible match.  I say a few times in my profile that honesty is important to me and I don’t date anyone cheating on anyone in any way.   I have no idea why I engaged either.

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THIS is why I won't fuck cheaters

So.. as many of you know I’m kinda open to the idea of a casual play partner for some fun sexy activities.  I opened our Adult Friend Finder up again and I pretty much always keep my OK Cupid site open.  I’m not seeking more relationship partners because I feel pretty happy with Hubby, Great Date and Traveler, but I am open to occasional fun sex and friendship. (Well.. Hubby and I might not be so happy right now, but you know.. we’re working on it and anyway dragging anyone new into things would be unkind).

Having said that, I keep OKC open because I like the idea of keeping the door open to romantic possibility.  You never know if something amazing would pop up.  There is something about remaining open to new possibility that just seems right to me.

So.. a cute guy popped up.  I liked his profile and his message to me, so I wrote him back and we started talking.  He was being really cagey, as in only available to talk during these really specific times and very secretive.  Then he says he can only meet one day per week during a weekday and that he has to be home early because he gets up at 430 am.  He can’t communicate when his girlfriend is around (which is odd) and plans chats only when she’s not coming over, which appears rare.  Hmm..

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