Looking Forward

I have done a fair bit of thinking about the idea of policing what I write… and you know… the problem with if it’s done not in moderation is that is that then this becomes a completely useless blog.  It’s not an outlet for me, and the people who do get something out of it get nothing and even then I could likely say some innocuous thing that will upset SOMEONE.  Someone won’t like to read about kink or someone will think it bad of me to talk about sex or think the idea of multiple relationships in the first place is offensive.  I CAN’T please everyone, even if I try.  I can work to be considerate and to learn, but I’m not sure that writing so that I never offend anyone is a good goal.

I can of course try to be careful not to communicate by blog.  I can talk to people the are affected before anything goes in here.  I can avoid details sharing info that isn’t mine to share.  I can talk about me and my life.  I can ask permission to talk about people.  I can give warnings at the beginning of potentially upsetting posts to people who would like not to read certain things and I’m willing to be careful not to write too much about some topics.  I totally can police myself, but I think I also need to do that in moderation or what’s the fucking point?  Why would I write a blog at all?  I can be careful, but to a certain degree it’s impossible to write anything remotely useful and at the same time say anything.

So here goes.  I’m gonna talk about sexy plans and gush on a little in happiness.  Be advised.


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