Sexy Times Are Lovely Learning Experiences

It’s been mostly real and hard to talk about lately.. good stuff.. just deeper and harder to say, closer to the chest. And then there is sexy adventure. ¬†ūüėČ Traveler and I took a vacation to Idaho for skiing and had a wonderful time. It was so bonding and so wonderful. ¬†All the good talks and all the good meals and all the fun was had. ¬†It was nice just to be together, marveling at the joy of just having time. ¬†red head waterAnd we met our lovely smart funny sexy blogger friend. ¬†The conversation was one of those great ones that is all over and we soon talked like old friends, excitedly sharing info and relating. ¬†It was one of those conversations were I learned a lot of Traveler’s thoughts too on things. ¬†And she was so very sexy, mesmerizing with her beautiful mind and sexy hourglass curves and the enticing slant of her smile. I worry a little that I pushed things maybe further than they were naturally though. ¬†It seemed like flirting and fun were welcome and the kisses fiery and sweet and everyone consented to and seemed to enjoy everything. ¬†Late into the night we found ourselves naked and playing, Traveler and my friend and me. and it was all good, wonderful even, beyond the orgasms and the excitement, but I worried maybe I pushed things. ¬†I would have been happy to just have those kisses, and it was hot, all of it, the kisses and play and all the sexy times that came after, but it’s just something I’ll think of in future situations, to not push so much because I’d rather be left with no doubt and be sure that nobody ever feels pushed and that no hesitancy, however minor, is ignored. ¬†Everyone seemed to have fun and in the morning we all checked in and were good. ¬†In no way was the evening or all that happened a bad thing. ¬†I just want to be sure I always learn what I can. I love what threesomes teach me about myself, about someone new, and about my partner. ¬†I’m still processing good things.

A redheaded woman reclines in the water, from

A redheaded woman reclines in the water, from

You can't keep a good slut down

(Skip this if for ANY reason descriptions of very graphic sex with one of my partners wouldn’t be welcome).

So.. things are looking up.  They pretty much had to.

woman kneeling

Woman kneeling on a stool by Araks Johannes

Yesterday I got my period, which was a HUGE bummer because Traveler and I had hoped for some frisky fun. ¬†We’d had a date the night before and spent most of it car shopping to replace the aging stick shift car I can’t drive and that is killing me when it has repairs. ¬†We’d had dinner with Quinky Girl and chilled a bit at their house so she could see him too after he was gone all week, and she’d been thoughtful and cooked for everyone. ¬†We got back home pretty late and fell into bed. ¬†I felt sad and broken and sore. ¬†It’d been a long crutching day and a lot of running around and even if it had been a good day, it had still left me sore and beaten. I broke down and cried in his arms. ¬†It was just that when we’d finally crawled into bed and he’d held me, my guard dropped. It’s just so exhausting and difficult. ¬†It’s a lot more life altering than I thought. ¬†So there weren’t sexy times Thursday, but there were equally lovely things with our short time. ¬†He talked to me. ¬†He told about life and stuff with him and he talked to me about all the ways he needs me.

Traveler told me how much he needs me!! ¬†I just filled with love, overflowed. ¬†We held each other then like holding each other was the only thing stopping our death. ¬†Snuggling and cuddling are not adequate to describe the intimate thing we did, the eye contact, the kisses and comfort and touch. ¬†And after all the loving words and caresses I’d needed so badly, we fell asleep tangled together and slept like the dead.

So, as perfect as Thursday night had truly been, after a week away from Traveler and a week of healing I was really looking forward to some more carnal connections with my love the next night, Friday. Continue reading

Dear-Bawdy God -YES

Today started out fine and turned into a bit of a cluster-fuck and let’s just say I’m super stoked it’s Friday and when I finish work I am out of here.¬† Yes.¬† I should be working at this moment, but I’m taking a second to say that I’m excited it’s the weekend because this proclimation will help me finish this God Forsaken Day.

Nothing actually super bad happened.¬† Just bureaucracy.¬† But yeah.¬† I wanna poke people’s eyes out anyway.¬† It’s like the Three Stooges.¬† But meaner.

Three Stooges eyejob from

Three Stooges eyejob from

Tonight I will decompress with my lovely Quinky Girl.¬† We’re having delicious eats and libations before heading off to join Jonah and Traveler and hear some funny, sexy, thrilling, interesting BAWDY STORIES!¬† It’s at a local place called Rebar, and we have free tickets.¬† Thank you Dixie!

I need me some Quinky time.¬† I need me some lovely dranks.¬† I need me some bawdy sexy storytelling fun.¬† I need some Traveler kisses and Jonah smiles.¬† Ah.¬† It’s the weekend!¬† (soon)

Talk about Sex? Who'd a Thunk It?

Movie title for Young Visiters from

Movie title for Young Visiters from

One of the nice things about living openly is that my old friend coming into town means I get to have fun introducing him to the people in my life without worry. ¬†All of them have asked me “Is it okay to talk freely?”, “Are there things.. ahem.. he shouldn’t know?”. ¬†Nope. ¬†I had to laugh too because people have asked if he’d delicate, or if he’d judge them because they were going through something, or if they should “behave around him”. ¬†Heh.

The idea that I’d be close friends with someone for 13 years and they’d be delicate or easily offended makes me laugh.

Ph.D, my friend, visited from Colorado. ¬†He came to this academic conference and to see me and have a good time. ¬†He is not, in fact, delicate nor easily offended. ¬†And I told everyone when they asked to speak freely. ¬†I’m not sure what would shock or offend my dear Ph.D, but I’m quite sure my friends and loves would have to struggle mightily to find it. ¬†On the flip side, he asked and I let him know that he could talk to my loves and my friends about anything. ¬†Hell, a few people at my work know a little bit about my life and if others found out I’d be relieved. ¬†When I began my job 5 years ago I was a very happily married monogamous woman.

We opened up, and a couple of years later broke up (not directly related) and it’s hard to figure out how to say “by the way I’m in love with a man I’ve been dating almost 2 years, some of which was when I was married to my husband”. ¬†Well.. actually that kinda answers that. ¬†You say something like that I guess. ¬†Or maybe you just leave off the dates. ¬†Maybe you just say you’re in an open relationship with these two guys and it’s working. ¬†I’m going to do exactly that eventually. ¬†When we talk about what we all did on the weekend, or plans, I mention that I did this with a man I’m dating. ¬†I know they assume I’m either not dating these men very seriously, or that the more relationship stuff is all the same man. ¬†Whatever. ¬†If I ever have good reason I’m fine with outing myself at work. ¬†I sort of think (like a friend says) that poly people have a responsibility to out themselves in casual situations. ¬†I think this is how acceptance starts, with familiarity.

Earnest looking character from "The Young Visiters" (yes spelled that way) from

Earnest looking character from “The Young Visiters” (yes spelled that way) from

So, yep.. good visit with Ph.D. ¬†I was going to write a much longer and more in depth post about this, but well.. I’m not. ¬†The visit was wonderful. ¬†I loved having my friend here and loved some time with him. ¬†Oh? ¬†You hear a but? ¬†Yeah. ¬†There is a but. Continue reading

If You Were an Ass

luck clover“If you were an asshole, it wouldn’t be because of bad luck that you have no friends”. ¬†This was Ph.D’s answer to my agreeing that I am ridiculously lucky with the people in my life. ¬†He said, “It’s not just luck that you’ve created a circle of people who love you that are awesome. ¬†You’re awesome and you picked good people and treated them well and they love you”. ¬†Sweet, no?

Ph.D. has been visiting from Colorado for the last 5 days or so and we’ve done a whirlwind Seattle and meeting with the murder and friends kinda deal. ¬†We’ve been crazy booked and just having the nicest times. ¬†We played games with Cleveland and his wife, Quinky Girl, Traveler and Peaches, and we met up with my friends Tex and Fishnet, and went camping with Chicago and Chicago Boy. ¬†We’ve have wonderful meals and lovely conversations and it was fun to show my loves and friends off to him and him off to my loves and friends. ¬†He’s totally smitten with my whole family and circle, and it was fun to see them all through his eyes too.

You know that feeling when you share something you like with someone and they experience it and you sort of vicariously see it new through them?  It was like that.   Continue reading

Sleep Over

Some frank talk of sex.. just letting you know. ¬†ūüôā

I had my first sleepover with Boss this weekend. ¬†It was his first sleep over in a long time and my first with a new partner in a long time and our first together. ¬†I think we were both really nervous and hoping certain things didn’t happen and excited that others could. ¬†When he raised the idea at first I said I didn’t think it was a good idea and then I changed my mind. ¬†And then I changed it back, and changed it again.

In the end, I talked to him about it and we seemed cool. ¬†He wasn’t suggesting staying over as some big step or proclimation of love. ¬†When I said it was “too relationshippy” to sleep with someone he said “Well, only if we actually sleep though, right?”. ¬†He was kidding, but the humour helped. ¬†We set up the overnight. ¬†He brought stuff and made a very delicious dinner and we chatted comfortably and enjoyed some time before our party. In his typical straight-forward way (that I totally enjoy), he said “I think we should relax with some good sex before the party”.

I had to laugh at that. ¬†We had plans to go to a kinky sex party and he wanted to have sex beforehand. ¬†Huzzah! ¬†We laughed and talked and made my blog picture, and settled in my room. ¬†We kissed and teased a bit before he turned me over gruffly and spanked my ass. Yay! ¬†I got deeply into sucking his cock, to lovely lovely effect, and was left ridiculously excited and he helped me out. ¬†ūüôā Heh.

Continue reading

On The Mend

ImageAhhh.. on the mend.  

I’ve been sick for a month. ¬†A fucking month. ¬†I’ve been sick so long I got my second period while sick. ¬†Not fucking cool.

But, I’m on the mend. ¬†My weird red eyes are now a light pink and my head is clear and my energy is back. ¬†My cough lingers a bit, but it’s soooo much better. ¬†I have hopes of returning to work again tomorrow. ¬†I’ve had all kinds of time for reflection and I got a little off the beam and back on, maybe a little wiser. ¬†My birthday was still totally cool. ¬†Even sick and resembling the Star Wars Emperor, I had lovely talk and food and fun with my loves and friends and chosen family. ¬†

Peaches came with Engineer, who is NOT her boyfriend *so I am told.  Cleveland and his wife were there.  As were Chicago and Chicago Boy. Fishnet came, and Traveler and Quinky Girl too.  We ate Moroccan food and played a little skeeball.  We were mostly all a little sick or a lot tired, but it was still a very very good time.  

And healing now, I’m making fun plans, naughty plans, and just plans to breathe comfortably. ¬†Something about feeling better always makes me want to dance around with my arms flung wide like the Sound of Music. ¬†


Mary Poppins spinning in a field of flowers, mountains all lit up found at:

What a weekend!

It was insanely busy and lovely as waking dreams.¬† Friday an impromptu dinner and hang with Traveler and Quinky.¬† Saturday my first time ever downhill skiing AND Toad the Wet Sprocket with Traveler and then an evening of snuggles and kisses and love.¬† Sunday coffee with Quinky and Jonah and Traveler, and then Ikea with Cleveland and his wife.¬† Good good times.¬† Such good times.¬† So tired and sore and I didn’t even have any sex!¬† zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Overall things are pretty damn marvelous.¬† I went in to the weekend a little worried and had a really good time anyway.¬† I got reassurances from my partners and friends.¬† I made progress on making my new home lovely, and I learned new things, had amazing meals, snuggled and pet, and laughed and talked.¬† I’m looking forward to a much more “boring” week.¬† I can’t wait.¬† A little WoW.¬† Some chill time.¬† Some yummy food and sex.¬† Maybe a little Game of Thrones if I get lucky.¬† And maybe I’ll get lucky….

But for now, time for bed.  I have sleeping dreams to make. 

Moving In

I’ve been off the grid a bit because I’ve been moving.¬† This past Saturday, I settled in.¬† Tired, relieved, sore, happy, worried, relaxing sigh… I’m in.

ImageMy one roommate, the one that kicked me out, has been asking me how the new apartment is, and honestly part of me didn’t want to tell her.¬† It’s wonderful.¬† I’m so happy to be there.¬† So many things about it are just awesome.¬† It’s such a relief to have my own space.¬† It’s so comforting to have a place where I could have my friends over.¬† After we’d moved everything, Traveler and Quinky, Cleveland and Chicago and Chicago Boy and I toasted with pizza and beer.¬† Quinky made a lovely toast to the new place, and to this being the first of many good times in it with family and friends.¬† I held my breath not to cry.¬† We sat on the floor and ate pizza and it was glorious.¬† I am blessed beyond belief.¬† The family I’ve found, and these beautiful generous loving people are more than I could ever hope for.

Quinky worked something like 50+hours and still came and hauled things all day.  I know she was tired and sore, and I never expected her to pitch in like that.  Traveler had been out of town all week and had woken up at 330 am to take Peaches to the airport and then crawled in my bed for snuggles and a little more sleep that morning.  I was nervous, and he soothed me with his loving touch.  Cleveland was there, bright eyed and his usual happy self, acting like moving me was fun, even as he sweated and carried all the heaviest things, he never complained.  Chicago and Chicago Boy showed up, worked their asses off, and made everything just a little bit more fun.  It was actually about as pleasant as a move can be.


Everyone loves the new place.¬† It’s simple but really nicely apportioned and maintained and in a great location.¬† It’s a good size toot.¬† It’s definitely better than anything else I could get at the price range, and the drawbacks are few and easy to handle.¬† Continue reading

Women are Hard to Get

phone numberWhy are women so hard?¬† Okay.. admittedly I am not the best person to ask about how to get women.¬† I don’t really try.¬† A woman has to pretty much say “I’d like to have sex with you” for me to get it.¬† I just assume that women are not into me before I ask, so I never ask.¬† Part of this is that I am dense as a fucking post when it comes to hints.¬† I no speaky hints.¬† If you are coy and I can’t obviously tell you like me I walk away thinking “I don’t wanna bother her”.¬† I don’t hint or allude much.¬† I tend to err on the side of “so this is awkward.. but I am going to say this thing I probably shouldn’t because I’d generally rather suffer consequences of saying things and knowing whatever than of not saying things”.¬† This of course is except when it comes to women.¬† Continue reading