Making Time

Poly people are busy, yo.  Heh.  Like you didn’t know that.  Sometimes things become a colorful mess on Google Calendar, and then what do you do?

Poly people are even busier when they are in grad school and when they are working nearly 60 hours a week and when they are doing renovations.  I’m sure that holds for “when they are parents” and “When they are care taking for loved ones” and a host of other things.

la petit mort 4

La Petit Mort Ballet via Tumbler

My poor Traveler has had to work like a mad man.  He was out of town.   Then on our date when he got home he fell asleep at 830pm.  We went to dinner and came home and he passed out.. just like that.  A quickie before renovations and the big game. The SuperBowl we all got to spend together, a few hours with Quinky Girl for him, and he had to work till 1030 and we snuggled and slept.  Then our next date he had to take off work for something Quinky needed for the renovation and he had to work all night to make it up.  Then again, he got off early for reno and had to work all night on our date.  Basically I’ve fed him, burped him, and put him to bed on every date we’ve had for two weeks.  (Okay.. minus the burping). Then finally a Saturday night, but we spent it at Quinky Girl’s boyfriend’s party and again.. asleep.  Thank god we love getting all wrapped up and snuggly in our sleep!

Let’s not even mention that two of those working and sleep dates I was working on deadlines too or that the working dates generally started about 2 hours before bed.  Poor Traveler was EXHAUSTED and just fraught.  I tried to soothe him and make it as nice as possible.  What can you do?  Sometimes life is crazy.  The only time we were alone and he wasn’t working we spent doing demo, and that was an amazing godsend.  It felt good to connect with him.

la petit mort Texas

La Petit Mort Texas Ballet

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Slutty Girls and the Men Who Love Them- The latest Non-Mono Cast

Sexy lady found at singaporestoriesbyrya

The latest Non-Monocast Podcast posted.  It’s called Slutty Girls and the Men Who Love Them.  It’s Non-Monocast number 17.

It’s kinda fun.  It’s about my recent epic threesome as my first time swinging!  Yes!  And it’s about slutty girls, and fun, and gushing, and talking about it all, and men who love slutty girls.  Listen to it for free here.

Woman striking a pose on a settee found at pinterest.


This one has a lot of sex.  Skip if you like.  😉

Okay.. so I need to put my whole BRCA genetic cancer deal on a slower track.  The next test will take a few weeks or a few months.  So I guess this isn’t going to be a sprint.  Which is nice.  I feel this urge to enjoy.

Part of what seems kinda unfair about this is that I finally gushed.  I’ve squirted for a few years and I recently reached a new peak.  I gushed.   I thought it was a fluke.  It wasn’t.  Damn you Quinky!  You sexy beast!  Quinky cursed me.

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Just Keep Playing

This one contains very graphic and descriptive sex***

I was taking a nap while he snuggled me and played a game on his phone. I was tired and it was the early evening golden hour.  I felt so warm and complete after my short nap.  I rolled over and he rolled with me, and I woke as he petted me absentmindedly and played his game.  He pressed himself against my back side for just a moment, and I returned his motion.  Mmm.  I was waking up now.

I roused little by little, and my body woke too, and so I went in tiny little increments from a dead sleep to writhing against him.  I rolled over and kissed him deeply and then grinned mischievously as I said “Keep playing… I want you to keep playing your game”.  He grinned and I undressed him.

I rubbed him and kissed his body, meeting his gaze when his eyes drifted from his game to me.  I worked my way down his body, and took him in my mouth… playing with him.  I watched him struggle to crush candy.  I loved his efforts, in vain, to make a move while I sucked his cock.  I’d ease up a bit here and there, watch him try to comply and focus a moment on the game, and I’d do the things he likes, swirl and tease and take him deeper, work my tongue on him until his arm fell and the game rested forgotten on his chest and his head rolled back.  I loved playing his body like that, working him up to a pause, not pushing him over the edge.. once.. twice.. again.. again.. again.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I took off the things I’d slept in, and soaking wet, I sank to the hilt.  I leaned back and watched his body react to me, his game forgotten on the bed.  I locked eyes with him as I built our fever.  I flooded quickly, drowning him in me, and loving his expression as he realized I had gushed.  Everything was wet, so wet.

I talked to him about how hot it made me to suck his cock, asking him if he could feel how I loved it, saying and feeling things about belonging, and in that moment he was mine and I was his.  And when he came, I came again, clenching down on him, feeling him hot and wet.  I couldn’t stop, even feeling he was trying to still my hips because he was so sensitive after coming.  I ground against him anyway and squeezed him until he was soft.  Every nerve in my body floated in a thick delicious pool.

Calmed again after a while, languid, I picked up his game and snuggled to him to watch him crush candy.  I petted him and watched him finish and lose his game, but I didn’t feel too badly for him.  😀