That was a Whole Lotta Fun

I made out with three hot women last night. I even got some boob action. I told them I was going to blog that. It was pretty innocent fun, but it was fun. Peaches and I planned to meet up with Traveler’s Wife for a catch up and gal pow-wow. Sadly she’s been working and is busy as hell, so she said maybe another night. ImageFor this next part to make sense I have to introduce new characters. There is TexDom, a guy I met on OKC a long time ago and have since befriended. There is his gal, who has become a friend and who I will now refer to as….Fishnet. And there was their girl pal from Canada who I will call Liberty.

ImageSo, I, Peaches, TexDom, Fishnet and Liberty met up in my neighborhood and had some drinks and snacks. We had a lot of drinks. I am still of course a light-weight. I had a Manhattan and half of a 7 and 7. I had maybe a quarter of a Black Mamba, and half of another 7 and 7, and a half of a Sapphire and Sprite..or some kind of clear soda. I also had lots of sips of everyone else’s everything. I was definitely feeling it. I was being smart and nobody was driving and I ate, and nobody got sick or drank to any ill effect, but yes, we were feeling it.

At some point Peaches and I made out to be funny and send pics to Traveler, who was at a music festival out of state, and that kinda kicked off a thing. Then Liberty and Fishnet were making out. Liberty and TexDom were cuddling. It was all innocent fun I think, but it was really fun. When we left we stopped at a cash machine and there I kissed Liberty a couple of times and Fishnet and I kissed too. I was pretty stoked about this development and joked about it most of the way home. “Three hot girls kissed me!”, I sang. In any normal world sans liquor I don’t think either Fishnet or Liberty would have kissed me, because they are beautiful and sexy young women, and Peaches is straight, but I certainly didn’t mind benefiting from some tipsy lip-locking.

ImageI don’t have too much ill-effect today either except maybe a little body ache and some fatigue. I’m certainly not drinking to excess again any time soon, and I’m a little embarrassed at what was an immature and silly way to have acted, but you know… it was fun. I’m sure I did seem kinda goofy, but I’m not sure I’m too worried about it. I’m okay with every now and then having some ridiculous fun with my friends. It’s just another part of my fun little friend-ai-ssance. Long live sexy girl kisses among friends.


ImageI’ll admit it.  I miss  HER.  We weren’t dating, but she was one of my most satisfying relationships.   Maybe 50 times this weekend I thought.. OH!  I have to tell her!!! 

I haven’t worn a dress in years and did so mostly because she encouraged me and Cleveland was actually right about the tights.  I liked wearing a dress Friday and was really glad I did.  There were members of the head office and a Senate office there and I had to give out two formal awards and talk in work groups. She would have gotten a kick out of that.  I was so stressed leading up to all of this.

And when I went to get ready to go to the club on Saturday I decided I didn’t want to wear any of my clothes and went shopping at the rack.  I bought a dress and tights.  A FREAKING DRESS.  I wore it that night.  I hadn’t worn a dress since 2002 and I wore two in two days.

I found another good cocktail.

I wanted to hear how her talk went with her friends.

I flogged a man with some other people Saturday and learned a little bit about flogging in the process.  Then I got flogged.  I needed to be excited and I was a little nervous beforehand.  When I told my club friend, she grabbed me and made out with me for about 5 minutes.  We both got a little excited.  We realized we’d “wasted” it though because the person flogging wasn’t ready and we made out again a short while later. My club friend previously told me she was only bi from the waist up, but she made a point to tell me after making out with me that she had resolved that and was now bi all over, and kissed me again. I would have loved talking to her about it. It’s fun to tell her that stuff. She’s so funny and it makes me laugh so hard.

On Sunday Cleveland and I had a lovely date and he said some things I felt so deeply reassured by.  I would have liked sharing that joy. She loves Cleveland and likes Cleveland stories. 

It sucks how fragile really precious things are sometimes and how quickly strong goes to gone. I get it, but I’m just saying I miss her.

Do you have to F*$K to have fun?

Sigh.  I just had a date with Cleveland.  We planned a kinda low key mid-week thing.  It was such a good date and it didn’t involve the overnight or traditional sex, and it left me wondering, “Do you have to fuck to have fun?”

I’ve had dates where I didn’t have sex before.  I mean.. even I am not ALWAYS on.  But I have to admit that the times I’ve had no sex dates I usually missed the sex.  Tonight, honestly what I was craving was so relax and touch and just be.  And that is exactly what we did.

We went to an early dinner and a dessert, and we talked and joked and just decompressed.  Back at my place we made out for a long long time, playing with each other’s desire and taking each other to the edge and back down again over and over and over.  There was so much buildup that he gave me a lovely orgasm without me removing a single item of clothing.  It surprised both of us.  I was already so sated that it was unexpected and a sweet un-neccessity.  I returned the favor, of course, with slightly more clothing removal, but to be honest it really was the icing on the cake.  I felt restored and charged.

Much like the calm I appreciate with Traveler, Cleveland is just.. easy.  He doesn’t make me anxious or dread.  He doesn’t key me up or trigger anything.  He’s just a really good guy I have great chemistry with.  It’s early early days.. like the 5th date or so, but I have to say I like how things are developing.  I felt no angst about him leaving tonight.  I felt languid and happy.  I am whole in myself and spending time with him and his wholeness is also good.

Sigh.  You can have fun and not fuck.  Good to know.  🙂  It was a nice throwback to high school.  You ever do that?  Just have old-fashioned make out sessions?  Feel each other up and explore touch for the sake of touch?