Take a Leap

There are reports out now that Gonorrhea is on the rise in Washington (and everywhere else).  It’s up 40% here, health officials at the Washington Dept of Heath report.


A woman in a full body black rubber suit

A woman in a full body black rubber suit

Gonorrhea is the second most common STI in Washington, after Chlamydia.  The hardest hit demographic is young adults.  The rise is attributed to not using condoms and using them improperly, and the prevalence of unprotected oral sex.

So.. am I gonna stop having sex?  Uh. No.

There are two big errors of thinking that occur with something like this statistic.  One is that we all want to think that the bad things only happen to other people. “I’m 33 and that doesn’t apply to me” and “I was tested last year and so was my partner and we are good”, “I only sleep with educated white people” or “I’m in the NSPP and we are all poly and all safe”.  This is all NONSENSE.

Another main error is the thinking that we are immune because we take this or that safety measure.  “I use condoms with new partners” or “I ask people if they are tested” or “I go on a few dates with someone before anything happens and we always have ‘the chat'”.  This is also NONSENSE.  These are good things to do but they don’t equal immunity.  If you have sex you are taking a risk.

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Yarn Hooker

Traveler and I met up again with the sexy and smart girl we’d met once for drinks, and this one.. this one contains sexy times.

alyson hannigan sexy2We sent a follow-up email earlier that we’d loved meeting her and we’d like to ply her with some ping pong and take her home to play.  And she answered that she’d really like that too.

So we met for drinks, laughed a lot over ping pong, and took a trip back to his place.

When she sent the message that she was interested I’d nearly fallen over in glee.  Holy crap.  This girl is AWESOME.  Thank you Universe!  Thank  you Stars!  Oh holy dear world, yes.

So we met and it was fun and fairly easy.  There were awkward bits because it IS awkward to date as three people.  There was a little awkwardness trying to break the physical barrier to get to touch her.  But I did as I do and finally just said “Can I kiss you?”.  I like to do the direct awkward thing sometimes and hope it comes off as charming.

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You can't keep a good slut down

(Skip this if for ANY reason descriptions of very graphic sex with one of my partners wouldn’t be welcome).

So.. things are looking up.  They pretty much had to.

woman kneeling

Woman kneeling on a stool by Araks Johannes

Yesterday I got my period, which was a HUGE bummer because Traveler and I had hoped for some frisky fun.  We’d had a date the night before and spent most of it car shopping to replace the aging stick shift car I can’t drive and that is killing me when it has repairs.  We’d had dinner with Quinky Girl and chilled a bit at their house so she could see him too after he was gone all week, and she’d been thoughtful and cooked for everyone.  We got back home pretty late and fell into bed.  I felt sad and broken and sore.  It’d been a long crutching day and a lot of running around and even if it had been a good day, it had still left me sore and beaten. I broke down and cried in his arms.  It was just that when we’d finally crawled into bed and he’d held me, my guard dropped. It’s just so exhausting and difficult.  It’s a lot more life altering than I thought.  So there weren’t sexy times Thursday, but there were equally lovely things with our short time.  He talked to me.  He told about life and stuff with him and he talked to me about all the ways he needs me.

Traveler told me how much he needs me!!  I just filled with love, overflowed.  We held each other then like holding each other was the only thing stopping our death.  Snuggling and cuddling are not adequate to describe the intimate thing we did, the eye contact, the kisses and comfort and touch.  And after all the loving words and caresses I’d needed so badly, we fell asleep tangled together and slept like the dead.

So, as perfect as Thursday night had truly been, after a week away from Traveler and a week of healing I was really looking forward to some more carnal connections with my love the next night, Friday. Continue reading

Ooh.. That Tingles

I have discovered the best ginger ale on Earth, and an excellent little twist to the blow-job.ginger ale

It’s from the South.  South Carolina to be exact.

It rocks my socks.

I bought a bottle of this ginger ale from a little deli market by my house.  I love ginger ale and I really love the strong stuff, so I’m always looking.  This is by far the most gingery ginger ale on Earth.  It made my mouth tingle and my lips delicately burn.  I don’t like spicy foods all that much, but I love a good strong ginger ale and this one was that in spades.  It says it’s spicy, but it means it’s gingery.  All that tingling was awesome and it gave me an idea.  (ding!)

Kissing him, he said my mouth felt tingly.  I had to try it.  I kissed and teased along his body, working my way down.  I worked him up with just my tingly lips and tongue, and then I introduced the ginger ale.  I took a swig and held it in my mouth, cold and fizzy and spicy, while I resumed my ministrations.  He was good and excited and jumped a little at the cold and then sucked air into his mouth at the hiss of the ginger ale on him.  I moved slowly up and down, coating him in the ginger ale swirling in my mouth.  His hips rose to me and I worked the pressure and my tongue, the ginger ale and my motion.  After a while, when he was good and excited, I swallowed that swig and took another.  The fresh tingly cold warm burning ginger ale and my mouth brought him higher.. higher.  It was a very fun experiment.

Thank you Blenheim Ginger Ale! (Click this to go check it out!)

Yay for little experiments.


Surprise Me

I felt like writing a dirty adventure.  An adventure, a dream, a fantasy.  Please do not read if talk about me having sex would bother you.  Thanks!  😉


God Damn.  I love how you surprise me.  You were full and we were both tired and I wanted to pet you.  It was so innocent, petting you while you were on your stomach on my bed, while you were on your computer, nice and sedate.  But touching you, oh man, touching you.. the electricity.  The buzzing heat boils over me when I touch you.  I could tell you were trying not to give into me and that made me hot somehow.  I wanted to win you.  I wanted to charm you.  My magic fingers began their work.  My fingers responded when you took in a breath or made a yummy sound, and I touched your back, your neck, your arms and your ass.  I ran my fingers over your legs and told you I needed you to be more naked.

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Just Keep Playing

This one contains very graphic and descriptive sex***

I was taking a nap while he snuggled me and played a game on his phone. I was tired and it was the early evening golden hour.  I felt so warm and complete after my short nap.  I rolled over and he rolled with me, and I woke as he petted me absentmindedly and played his game.  He pressed himself against my back side for just a moment, and I returned his motion.  Mmm.  I was waking up now.

I roused little by little, and my body woke too, and so I went in tiny little increments from a dead sleep to writhing against him.  I rolled over and kissed him deeply and then grinned mischievously as I said “Keep playing… I want you to keep playing your game”.  He grinned and I undressed him.

I rubbed him and kissed his body, meeting his gaze when his eyes drifted from his game to me.  I worked my way down his body, and took him in my mouth… playing with him.  I watched him struggle to crush candy.  I loved his efforts, in vain, to make a move while I sucked his cock.  I’d ease up a bit here and there, watch him try to comply and focus a moment on the game, and I’d do the things he likes, swirl and tease and take him deeper, work my tongue on him until his arm fell and the game rested forgotten on his chest and his head rolled back.  I loved playing his body like that, working him up to a pause, not pushing him over the edge.. once.. twice.. again.. again.. again.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I took off the things I’d slept in, and soaking wet, I sank to the hilt.  I leaned back and watched his body react to me, his game forgotten on the bed.  I locked eyes with him as I built our fever.  I flooded quickly, drowning him in me, and loving his expression as he realized I had gushed.  Everything was wet, so wet.

I talked to him about how hot it made me to suck his cock, asking him if he could feel how I loved it, saying and feeling things about belonging, and in that moment he was mine and I was his.  And when he came, I came again, clenching down on him, feeling him hot and wet.  I couldn’t stop, even feeling he was trying to still my hips because he was so sensitive after coming.  I ground against him anyway and squeezed him until he was soft.  Every nerve in my body floated in a thick delicious pool.

Calmed again after a while, languid, I picked up his game and snuggled to him to watch him crush candy.  I petted him and watched him finish and lose his game, but I didn’t feel too badly for him.  😀

The Case for Cunnilingus

Last night I had drinks with Quinky Girl and Peaches.  We had supportive, real down and deep girl talk.  They called me on being a “spinner”, which of course I am and know I am, but they pointed out something about my spinning.  It’s a simple idea that kinda struck me.  I struggle sometimes and think or “spin” too much.  It bothered me that what they were saying was true.  I know that they’ve gotten to know me in a really unique time in my life, and I’m an external processor and overcommunicator, so everything I feel comes out, and sometimes analyzing things was better than losing it and crying on the floor.  This thinking and spinning is part of a process for me, which they supported in a really cool way, but maybe a part that doesn’t have to be as large or as painful as it is sometimes.  And it sounds dumb, but I think I got a little nugget from that.  I knew that they were wrong about some things, like the extent, but I also knew that they were right about what they were saying, and what they were saying to me was important.  And I appreciated the reassurance too.

Oh last night… I had too many drinks.  So, early this morning I woke up and downed a glass of water and Motrin and still woke with a headache.  I was thinking how nice it would have been to have my favorite headache cure… an orgasm.  For this piece to work, we’re gonna have to suspend the fact that I could have just masturbated.  Go there with me.  It’s fun.

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Crazy Dream

Warning- This one is sexually graphic and about Traveler and Cleveland.

Monday night I had a steamy dream that I had a threesome with Traveler and Cleveland.  It was pretty damn graphic and pretty damn enticing.  I was embarrassed to wake up all wet and writhing.  The weird part about this is that I have never consciously fantasized about being with two men, and now that I dreamed it, I can’t stop thinking about it and wondering why I haven’t fantasized about it before.


Tatuaje- Ballet Nacional de Ecuador

In the dream we were all just so… beyond physical friction.  It was a deeper more emotional thing… my men doing this for me, loving how excited they were making me, taking pleasure in me and me in them, my loving how they were making me feel and how I made them feel, and me lost in them, utterly and completely owned by them.  God.  I’m getting excited just thinking about it.  I told Cleveland about the dream and got so turned on just telling him that I had the dream, not even sharing details, that I came rubbing against his leg and begged him to fuck me.  I watched his face, lost in his breath and my own desire, and had this kind of rolling orgasm that was like waves crashing again and again and again.  I absolutely soaked my bed.  I’m not even sure you can say I squirted.  I think you’d have to say I gushed.  I masturbated this morning while thinking of last night, and while thinking of that dream.  Good Lord.  What has gotten into me!?!?

I have talked to both of my loves about sexual exploration.  They are both open-minded but I think this one might be a tough sell.  Cleveland at least liked the fantasy and my reaction to it, and I think may even be willing to consider it.  Traveler is such a wild card.  Some things he seems interested in trying or will try.  Some things he seems willing to humor, liking how much I’m into them.  Some things just aren’t his bag, but he accepts those and doesn’t seem judgmental about them.  So I think it’s safe to at least tell him my fantasy.  It’s unclear to me how he’d react to me having this dream, much less expressing a real interest in it.  I think he would not be interested but he surprises me all the time.

In the dream and my fantasy it’s not a thing that happens between Cleveland and Traveler, beyond how comfortable they are together.  I have fantasies about being with two bi men, much like my favorite FFM threesomes, but I’ve never really fantasized about being the pivot in a MMF threesome.  That’s odd even to me.  I don’t know why I haven’t.  Maybe it’s my occasional self slut-shame.

The thing about this that is just sending me over the moon is the idea of this passion with two men THAT I LOVE.  I can’t imagine the joy of opening the way I do with them and the sensations of them together, the dizzying pleasure of Cleveland’s breath on my pussy with Traveler’s cock in my mouth.  I almost shake at the fantasy of being filled with these men in every way I can be filled by them.  I want to touch and suck and feel and smell and lick and taste and connect with every part of them.  I want everything that I am at that moment to be about them, with them, in them, there at their pleasure and they at mine.

Traveler’s skin and Cleveland’s mouth

their kisses

their taste

his smoothness and his soft fuzziness

my hands in his hair and him sliding his body against my ass

knowing by the feel that those are his hands

watching his face

aching and fulfilled

his smell.. his body reacting

lost with him


and him

feeling his motions and his caress

giving all of it to him

my mouth, my hands, my lips, my tongue, my eyes, my mind, my pussy, my ass, my thighs, my skin

wanting more of him

opening for him… oh… God.

Oral Fixation

I started to comment on my friend’s lovely post extolling the virtues of head and realized it was its own blog post.  Damn I’m wordy sometimes.


Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

I love giving head.  I don’t understand people who don’t like giving head or eating pussy.  It’s such a delicious pleasure to explore a lover and learn what makes them gasp, and the feeling of power and accomplishment and pleasure as you drive them crazy!  AWESOME!  I’ve never understood people that don’t like it either.  Even back when it scared me and I wasn’t sure what to do, I was so curious and I liked playing around and asking my lovers what they liked and discovering things.

Wait.. I still like that.  I have a few little tricks I enjoy doing that seem to work wonders, but it’s always so much fun just to play.  Ever noticed that ardor makes up for a lot of “sins”?  I’ve been talking about this a little lately. Continue reading