It's is the Point

Boss and I hit the “Bondage is the Point” party at the center.  This includes frank talk of sex and kink.  😉

First.. a tiny aside.. happy happy sigh.  Traveler had a little unexpected free time tonight and asked if I’d like to do dinner and WoW.  Yes please.  It was a quiet little night and I loved it.  I always love it.  I said to Quinky Girl the other day (and sounded like a greeting card) that the most precious thing we give each other is time.  I revel in it.  I’m so grateful.  I’m so fucking happy.  I could not be more grateful.  Seriously.  Getting to see more of Cleveland, and more of Traveler and having a sexy sexy date with Boss!?!?  I’m just gushing over here.  Gushing.  See what I did there?

WoW woodsI just got home from Traveler’s and I’m sated and languid.  We talked and laughed over dinner at our favourite place, played our game, snuggled and called it a night and I couldn’t be happier if we’d had the most epic date ever.  I just love being with him.  I loved working in his yard this past weekend and talking while we did dishes and made dinner.  I loved holding him and sleeping tangled in a ball.  I loved playing WoW.  I loved being overcome with passion.  I love everything we do.  Okay.. okay.. enough of that.  I’m sorry.  I’m just so fucking happy.  I’m reluctant to repeat this gushiness here with Cleveland, but it is there too.  I fall deeper deeper deeper….

Now, on to the promised kinky fun.  🙂

Boss and I had missed seeing each other on a couple of occasions and I’d been looking forward to our date.  The party that night was the “Bondage is the Point” party.  The description said “no impact” and talked about bondage kinda being the point.  Neither Boss nor I are super bondage people (though as it turns out he is actually very good at it).  You gotta love that he’s that good at his weak point.   Continue reading

Verticle Hood Piercing? Yes please!

I pierced my clitoral hood on Monday and today was the first day I played with it at all.  a m a z i n g.  I would give it as Christmas gifts to every girl on every list.  Wow.

So, piercing the clitoral hood is really simple and relatively painless.  There is this thin skin that comes down over the clit and they stick a small curved bar up in the opening between the clit and it and pierce a hole the bar comes out of at the top.  There is a ball at the end of the bar, resting on top of the clip, and a smaller one outside of the hole in the hood.

I can’t describe it, but huzzah!

It’s still a tiny bit sore (NOTHING like the nipples which hurt very little here and there, and NOTHING like my ears which hurt way way worse.  The healing on the nipples sucks, but the hood healing is really fast.  It’s just this thin skin and it’s a piece of cake.

But still.. it’s only been a few days, so we took it easy.  Cleveland touched the little balls on the piercing with the very lightest of touches, gently tickling it with feather like fingers and the texture of my panties sliding across the balls was sensational.  It felt like my clit was enormous and made of titanium and being vibrated.  I came and came and came and begged him to stop and then begged some more because he was really enjoying his new toy.  After I calmed a good long time he used his hand some more, discovering how various parts of my pussy pulled or vibrated my clit hood.  Wow.

The thing is that part of the clit lies in the root to it and this entire length and the clit itself is stimulated by the tiny curved bar against it and the pretty balls on it.  An entirely new part of my clit is very very very very happy.  I’ve been pretty damn orgasmic for years, but this is ridiculous.  I actually kinda hope it calms down a little.  Poor Cleveland had to peel me off of the ceiling.