A week night.  A weak night.  I’m here and having a nice night to myself, relaxing and watching Game of Thrones.  But I’m tired. I’m so very tired.  I’m bone tired.  I’ve had a headache for 4 days and I’m just so tired.  I’m overworked this week and stressed.  I’m tired and sore and my body hurts.  I keep popping my jaw.  I can’t let down my shoulders, they are so tight.  t have to push just a little bit further.  I just have to push through and get my big work project on the rails and I’m so very close.  I got a massage, which didn’t help much, and I had a lovely if frustrating date with Cleveland this week and a nice time with dinner and hanging with Traveler.

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The Lonely Polyamorist

I Have To Be Alone?


The Google Logo with lots of hearts floating around it found at: http://christofouche.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Google-love.jpg

One of the surprising things (to me) about having multiple relationships is that you have to be or get good at being alone.  When people ask me stuff about poly.. well they ask about the sex.  But after they’ve exhausted that, they ask about the handling jealousy and finally about how it actually works.  It’s a lot of scheduling.  Most poly people use Google Calendar, for a couple of good reasons.  You can access it anywhere.. any computer or smart phone or whatever, and you can share calendars.  When your lives get a little entwined and you’d like to see each other’s schedules you can “share” your Google Calendar.  Some of us call this “Google Official”.  It’s just a little joke, like getting Facebook official.

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