The Case for Cunnilingus

Last night I had drinks with Quinky Girl and Peaches.  We had supportive, real down and deep girl talk.  They called me on being a “spinner”, which of course I am and know I am, but they pointed out something about my spinning.  It’s a simple idea that kinda struck me.  I struggle sometimes and think or “spin” too much.  It bothered me that what they were saying was true.  I know that they’ve gotten to know me in a really unique time in my life, and I’m an external processor and overcommunicator, so everything I feel comes out, and sometimes analyzing things was better than losing it and crying on the floor.  This thinking and spinning is part of a process for me, which they supported in a really cool way, but maybe a part that doesn’t have to be as large or as painful as it is sometimes.  And it sounds dumb, but I think I got a little nugget from that.  I knew that they were wrong about some things, like the extent, but I also knew that they were right about what they were saying, and what they were saying to me was important.  And I appreciated the reassurance too.

Oh last night… I had too many drinks.  So, early this morning I woke up and downed a glass of water and Motrin and still woke with a headache.  I was thinking how nice it would have been to have my favorite headache cure… an orgasm.  For this piece to work, we’re gonna have to suspend the fact that I could have just masturbated.  Go there with me.  It’s fun.

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