Life on the Swingset!

swingset logoI’m in!!!  They are letting me submit contributions!

I have long been a fan of “Life on the Swingset”, the podcast.  It led me to “Pedestrian Polyamory” the podcast and to abiding crushes on pretty much the entire cast of both podcasts.  Talking with other open/poly/swinger folks it seems I am not alone in this.  After a while I checked out their website, and I’m a fan of that too.  It has great blogs and info.

I think when I first opened up I was so hungry for information about how to navigate all of this heady adventure, and so amazed to find that there was a broad community out there figuring this stuff out too.  I also enjoyed Dan Savage’s “Savage Lovecast” and Minx’s “Polyamory Weekly”, and Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast.  I love learning and I often go on jags when I discover great new things to learn.  I read “Sex at Dawn”, “SM 101”, “Opening Up” and “The Ethical Slut”.  I read websites and scoured the net.

I started this blog during this phase, needing a place to talk about all the things that were happening because the only open people I knew were the people I was dating.  Over time I found community with local meet ups and munches and slowly came out everywhere but at work.

Anyway.. long story summed up, I became a fan-girl of some of the people blogging and writing and podcasting about all of this stuff and I’m insanely honored to say that I’ll be submitting posts to contribute to Life on the Swingset’s blog community.  I’m writing my bio and my first post.  I can’t believe it.  I am very excited.  I think I’ve read the email from Miko the Techogeisha something like 90 times.  I can’t believe she said she and Cooper are already familiar with this blog.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I shouldn’t be surprised.. I mean.. they are people.  They are people like me who are figuring this stuff out too.  Part of what I love about the people I so admire in this community is that by and large they all seem to be still learning too.  They have a lot to share, and part of that is their own journeys with this stuff and the ways they learn and change over time.  This little old blog has a wider reach that I understand sometimes.

I’m 3 people shy of 600 subscribers.  And I am constantly in awe of this.  I know by blog standards this is still relatively small, but I am deeply deeply humbled.  I hope I can contribute something useful and I hope I can add to the community of voices out here.  It’s like anything though, right?  I’m not a learned pro.  What I can add that is really valuable and really unique to me is my experiences.  I’ll try not to state tooooo many opinions though I will share some.  I’ll try to share experiences as I can, and I’ll try not to embarrass anyone but me.  It took a few days to inform my little murder.  We’re submitting to Life on the Swingset!!!  Booya!

Why I Won't Fuck Your Boyfriend

I had a really nice day.  I had a really nice weekend overall in fact.  Traveler and I had a fun and beautiful date going to Hump! Tour, and I had a nice Saturday, garage-saling in my hood, and met a woman from OKC.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  I had a good Sunday.  I spent a little time in WoW, cleaned my house and FINALLY got my boxes from moving in all loaded up.  Cleveland came over and measured my brake rotors.  It’s a long story, but he likely just saved me a BUNCH of money. I made him breakfast and we marveled at the loveliness of a Sunday morning together.  Sunday mornings are very rare for us.  It was nice to just talk and cook and joke in the daylight, with the breeze blowing through my clean apartment.  I didn’t shower before he came over, because I was cleaning, and still we got carried away.  I tried to not have sex with him, and could not resist.  Even full from breakfast, even a little mussy from cleaning, there was no stopping.  God the chemistry of that man.. woof!~

ImageWe kissed and laughed and marveled at the storm once it had passed.  Great googly damn.  He headed home after a while and I sat back to grin and finish my laundry.

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It's is the Point

Boss and I hit the “Bondage is the Point” party at the center.  This includes frank talk of sex and kink.  😉

First.. a tiny aside.. happy happy sigh.  Traveler had a little unexpected free time tonight and asked if I’d like to do dinner and WoW.  Yes please.  It was a quiet little night and I loved it.  I always love it.  I said to Quinky Girl the other day (and sounded like a greeting card) that the most precious thing we give each other is time.  I revel in it.  I’m so grateful.  I’m so fucking happy.  I could not be more grateful.  Seriously.  Getting to see more of Cleveland, and more of Traveler and having a sexy sexy date with Boss!?!?  I’m just gushing over here.  Gushing.  See what I did there?

WoW woodsI just got home from Traveler’s and I’m sated and languid.  We talked and laughed over dinner at our favourite place, played our game, snuggled and called it a night and I couldn’t be happier if we’d had the most epic date ever.  I just love being with him.  I loved working in his yard this past weekend and talking while we did dishes and made dinner.  I loved holding him and sleeping tangled in a ball.  I loved playing WoW.  I loved being overcome with passion.  I love everything we do.  Okay.. okay.. enough of that.  I’m sorry.  I’m just so fucking happy.  I’m reluctant to repeat this gushiness here with Cleveland, but it is there too.  I fall deeper deeper deeper….

Now, on to the promised kinky fun.  🙂

Boss and I had missed seeing each other on a couple of occasions and I’d been looking forward to our date.  The party that night was the “Bondage is the Point” party.  The description said “no impact” and talked about bondage kinda being the point.  Neither Boss nor I are super bondage people (though as it turns out he is actually very good at it).  You gotta love that he’s that good at his weak point.   Continue reading

Confused? Yeah. I get that.

I was talking to Peaches about casual sex relationships, and she said she doesn’t like “feeling like the temp that never gets hired”.  Isn’t that a great metaphor?  It’s fun to have casual fun but a real bummer when all you meet is casual when you crave a little more.  I had to get her permission to use the quote.  It’s a good one, no?


Bosch- Garden of Earthly Delights

To be fair, neither one of us is remotely in that situation for real, but it does suck to feel that way and I know what she means.  We’re both in loving relationships with Traveler (and me with Cleveland) and she’s had her share of interest and just a couple of males who didn’t have the right interest for what she was seeking at the time.

I tried to explain how I want a very specific kind of casual when I want casual.  Continue reading

Podcast 9- After the Swing Club


Podcast 9- After the Swing Club 

Cleveland and I talk about the aftermath.  What we liked, didn’t like, what happened and what we’d do different next time.  Will there be a next time…?

Click on the word “podcast” above to stream for free and find out.


I'm baaaack

I finally made it to Portland and I really had a great time.  Traveling with Cleveland was lovely.  He’s an easy-going fun guy.  I think it’s still new for him to sleep with someone new and it was disorienting to be somewhere new too, so he slept pretty poorly and therefore I did too, but other than that and a glitch at the sex club, it all went off without a hitch.

southland whiskeyWe had yummy meals and great talks and some very nice naughty lovin’.  It was nice to have so much time.  We had time to just be leisurely and present.  We had time to talk a great deal and had oodles of kisses and pets and snuggles.  We were able to talk and talk and talk, and we talked about everything and nothing too.  It was so very good.

We talked getting ready for the swing club and how it went and about our tiff in our podcasts, which will post here soon.  It’s a two-fer, with one podcast made before the club and one made when we got home.  The short and long of our maiden swing club voyage is that we had a great time with a fritsy bit in the middle.  We worked it out pretty quickly and had amazeballs sex together in the couple’s room, soaking up the sexy vibe of all of the other couples there and enjoying the sights and sounds around us and enjoyed those enjoying us too.  Very cool.

Back at our room later, having had a great time with a bad patch in it, we made the second pod-cast, which helped us talk it out a little more, and fell asleep happy and resolved.

I don’t know that I will be a good swinger, which works because I don’t really want to swing all the time anyway.  I like the idea of meeting sexy people and having adventures, but I’m not great at hooking up with strangers in loud clubs dancing.  It’s just not my zone.  I was best at the talking bit at the food area and upstairs in the mingling spot by the other bar.   This is more my speed I think.  If I am a swinger at some point I think it’ll be more of the mingling and talking to people and going to parties with friends and friends of friends kind of thing, or meeting people by chatting.  I’ve never been one to hook up with people I met by dancing up on them.  It’s just not my speed.  I don’t know.  I know it was fun though and I’ve always wanted to go and see a place and now I have.  Hell.. I had amazing sex in one now while watching and being watched by like 20 people.  I think it still counts if it was with the guy I brought in.  It still counts.. right?