I just called to say…

I just talked on the phone.  I talked on the freaking telephone to a man I just started dating.  We talked for no reason at all really, just touching base.  How cool is that?

an old style telephone gleams with it's rotary dial and it's big comfy handset.

an old style telephone gleams with it’s rotary dial and it’s big comfy handset.

Nobody talks on the phone anymore here in Seattle.  I swear.  I’ve been dating for YEARS now and this is the first dude I’ve ever dated who texts for like a second and then says, “can we talk on the telephone?”  And he works in a tech type industry (of course).

What a luxury to unwind with my crummy fast food and a nice light conversation with a sexy man.

We need to bring back the phone.  I forgot the simple pleasure of talking to a boy you like on the telephone and having nothing to say really, but loving the sound of his voice, and feeling special because he wanted to talk to you on the phone.


Cascade Mountains

Cascade Mountains

Today I am off with Traveler to British Columbia.  We’re driving about 6.5 hours and traveling through the Cascade Mountain Range.  We’ll pass through some of the most gorgeous roadsides in our country, judging from Google Images.  I can’t wait.  Is it weird I’m so looking forward to so many hours in the car with my love?

I love road trip time.  I love talking about everything and nothing and sharing music and silences and the little squeeze you give each other on the knee, or that affectionate eye contact.  I just love it.  I have to admit my favorite part though is the talk.

Whenever anyone asks me what superpower I wish I had I always answer “The Ability to Read Minds at Will”.  Well, that or teleportation.  If I could I would vulcan mind-meld people. I am endlessly fascinated by the depth and breadth and variety of human existence and view and thought.  I wish I knew everything people think when I wanted to know it.  I am constantly asking “What are you thinking?”.  It makes people crazy.  I think that’s why I was so drawn to mental health.  I love knowing what makes people tick.  I like knowing what matters to you and how you feel about things and what you would like and how you plan and how your mind works.  People being honest about anything is almost never boring.  Humans are fascinating and surprise me all the time.

okanagan valley

And road trips and long walks and talking way into the night are some of the few ways to have a teeny bit of that vulcan mind meld.  A few hours into a road trip people get honest.  You can ask them things and they’ll pause and answer when normally back home they just say “I don’t know”.  Some of my fondest times with friends and lovers were like this, just talking about nothing and everything on the road.

Well, we’re about to hit it, so I better go get the cold stuff outta the fridge and into the cooler.  I’ll be blogging here and there, and I’m always checking my stats and comments (it’s an obsession) because… well.. I just told you why.  I like knowing what you think.  If I could, I’d read your mind.

cascades 2

Saying and Hearing the "bad" Stuff

Maybe it’s having been sick and having spent time in my apartment alone.. thinking.  Maybe it’s a few things occurring in succession.. I don’t know.. but things came to a head for me.  And I was thinking.. a lot.  I blogged like a mad woman, and am still doing so, evidently.  Here’s the skinny.talking pets

Feeling solo poly.. or a secondary, even in my “non-heirarchal poly” was chapping my ass.  I have to make this clear, that I am involved with sweet kind loving people who treat me well.  I am LUCKY.  And I know it.  My little family, my Murder, is a special and rare thing.  So, it makes it hard to complain.  But complaining is what I felt like doing and I need to maybe make tiny adjustments, even if just in me.

It’s was a chaffing at my spot.  It’s that Cleveland and I do not get nights together much, and we almost never get weekend time or normal date time.  It’s Traveler making a decision to cut our date the week he went on his man-trip to give the time to his wife and me not understanding a lot of the factors.  It’s little tiny niggling things I hadn’t really addressed too. Continue reading