A Little Game of Catch-Up Maybe?

I havne’t posted for a few days and I wanted to just do a quick catch-up maybe on The Murder (our little poly family).  


Let’s start with… Peaches.  Peaches and her beau are doing well, and have been having sexy fun times now for about 4 months.  They aren’t rushing anything or working to label much, but they “like where they are and where they are going”, and it shows.  It’s fun to watch them interact.  It’s nice when two people so clearly like each other and have that kind of chemistry.  Peaches and Traveler are also doing really well.  They had a series of talks and some growth and have made some changes and found a new equilibrium that seems to work well for both of them.  I’m rather relieved.  I like to see them both happy and on the same page.   Continue reading

PodCast 12 – Inside/Outside

Inside/Outside.. the Podcast.  It’s episode number 12, and Cleveland and I talk about all about inclusiveness, integration, and other fancy words for making less compartments and boxes for the people we love.  It’s about mixing it up.  It’s about getting it all together.  It’s about Ohana.  It’s about family and connection.  It’s about this and that.  It’s cake and eating it too.  It’s about the murder.  Awwwww.. yeah….

Listen to it here. 


Podcast 11- Peach's Inquisition

We’re doing a little multi-part podcast where we interrogate the members of our little Murder (aka polycule… aka people we are dating and they are dating).  First up is Peaches, boldly submitting to our questions and here for your listening pleasure.  She talks all about the murder, dating poly and mono, how she came to this, and how she does this.  It’s Peaches!

Listen to it HERE.

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