The Cast of Characters

Don’t understand who someone is?  Want a little cheat sheet?  Here ya go!

The Cast of Characters:

  • Amelia- She’s a sexy friend from the kink club that I have make outs and flirtations with, and a fun night with Traveler and I.
  • Blogger Gal and her guy- A couple I met through the world of blogging.  We just kinda lost touch.
  • Blue Flame- He is a bodywork professional I dated once or twice.
  • Boss- A friend and past kinky play partner.  We met on line and then later by chance in person.
  • Chicago- a very sexy friend of mine that is from.. Chicago!  She’s sassy and fun and direct and I’m so lucky to call her a friend.
  • Chicago Boy- Chicago’s smart-assed husband.  He’s hilarious and a little snarky (in a cool way) and makes the yummiest drinks.  Friends Rock.
  • Cleveland- A friend that was once my boyfriend.  He is married to “Cleveland’s Wife” and occasionally sees a friend who lives in Phoenix.  He’s wonderful.
  • Cleveland’s Wife- She is married to “Cleveland”, duh.
  • The Dog Walker- She was Hubby’s and my dog walker for a few years and ended up dating Hubby in secret as we separated and while he and RollerGirl and the other girl he briefly dated were still together.  They ended up monogamous and married
  • Dragon- Traveler’s ex girlfriend and friend.  She was named Dragon because of her flaming red hair and flowy way of dressing.  It was pointed out later that this could sound negative.  I like dragons.
  • English Rose- A very lovely young woman I met though her ex.  She’s sexy, smart, and sensuous.  We are friends that called each other foxy.  We’ll see rabbit.  We’ll see.
  • Fishnet -TexDom’s sexy girlfriend and my friend.  We get kissy when drinking.  She rocks.  I prettymuch want her hard core.  Sadly she and TexDom moved to Canada.
  • ForensicGuy- My once platonic poly friend who kept pushing to not be platonic.  We had a huge blowup about it when I started dating again.  He wasn’t really my friend as much as biding time. Nice guy syndrome.
  • Ginger – A poly blogger and good friend. Also the sexy woman Traveler and I had fun with on our ski trip.
  • Great Date- He was my boyfriend until his drinking, relapses, and behavior made it impossible to date him.  I loved him dearly. Then he stalked me for a few years.
  • Hubby- We were together 13 years, monogamous for 11 of them.  He left me for Rollergirl and then ended up with the dog walker.
  • Jonah- Quinky/Traveler’s other partner’s boyfriend.  He is pretty wonderful to her and is the first man I ever thought could pull off a cargo kilt.
  • Liberty -lovely young Canadian I once made out with while tipsy. HAWT girl.
  • Morgan Freeman- A silvery-tongued actor that I do not know at all and I have nothing whatsoever to do with, even though my blog now is very linked to him and comes up in searches for him.  It started with a humorous post about the “Morgan Freemark”- a punctuation that led readers to read something in his voice.  Now I have dozens of mentions of him in posts.  I’m sure he and his publicity people are THRILLED at the association.
  • The Murder – The name we called our polycule or family of people for a while
  • Mystery Girl- She is a fellow poly blogger and friend briefly talked about in the blog. Such a huge crush on her.
  • Peaches- A one-time dating partner of Traveler.
  • PolyV- The ever-patient woman who dated Great Date as Great Date and I were breaking up.
  • Popsicle- A man I dated from age 18-26 (with some breaks for other relationships).  I consider our relationship poly, as we were never monogamous but loved each other and supported each other with others, having full disclosure.  There wasn’t the word poly then.  He lives in Cleveland, where I am from.
  • PhD.- He has been my friend since 2002, when we both lived in Virginia.  We tried briefly being lovers and decided our friendship is too important.  He is one of the loves of my life.  He lives in Colorado.
  • Quinky Girl – Traveler’s other partner.  Her other partner is Jonah.  We have a polyaffective relationship.  Meaning, we are metamours, or people who share a partner, and we love with each other but are not dating or in a traditional dating relationship.  She is also a blogger at blogspot.
  • RollerGirl- My ex-girlfriend and friend, who first dated Hubby and later me, and briefly part of my triad.  She and I broke up in large part because of Hubby’s jealousy.  Hubby left me for her and they broke up too, and now she and I are friends.
  • Squirrel – My old dear friend in Chicago.    We had a years long unconsummated love affair.
  • Tex Dom- A young guy I met on OKC that didn’t work out to date but is a good friend.  His girlfriend Fishnet and I are good friends too.  they moved to Canada.
  • The Dog Walker- She was Hubby’s and my dog walker for a few years and had an affair with Hubby when he and I separated.  She and Hubby become monogamous and married.
  • The Murder- The name we called our polycule or family
  • Traveler- My boyfriend. He has another partner, aka “Quinky Girl”.  He’s awesome.
  • Yarn Hooker. The beautiful and sexy young woman that didn’t know she was actually too good for Traveler and I. We had about 8 months of sexy times and are now platonic friends because she found a great guy she’s monogamous with.



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